Value Judgement

What is it that makes a classic car truly special? If you want to know, there is no better person to ask than Simon Kidston, perhaps the most respected expert in this field. And to give you an idea of what sort of car person he is: he still believes in the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing. And by th way, from now on Kidston will have his own column in the forthcoming ramp magazines.

Double is better: Singer ACS

Would you rather have a Safari-911 from Tuthill Porsche or a customized »Singer«? Then it's best to simply take the »All Terrain Competition Study« built by Singer and Tuthill in cooperation. Because it combines the unmistakable Singer style and the off-road know-how of Tuthill. Five observations on the Safari-911 that prove that twice the expert knowledge is also twice the fun.

A car, a computer, a man?

David Hasselhoff is selling his very own KITT. Not because it's not futuristic enough for him. But for a good cause. In fact, it's not the first breakup that the two stars of the 1980s have had. We had a chat with the black dream car. Protocol of a dialogue.

Comet hunt in a bolide

Bula, Bula!

Learning the leisure

The Great Conjunction

Flickering Roads

Ignition spark

Out now: rampstyle #21 – Sex, Art & Chocolate

The Agony 
of the Feet:
 Pain as a 
Liberating Force

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Spexor: Mobile Alarm Device

Motorsport of the future: How the science fiction posters were made

Myth, cult, respect: Le Mans winners among themselves

Maserati MC20: Emotion meets innovation

Courageous Opinions

What motorsport might look like in future

The Art of the Simple Life

Automotive Brand Contest 2020: Future-proof Concepts

Only driving is better

The Joy of Ego Distancing


More is more: Mletzko Marrakesh

"The richest man in Ireland is the one with the best sense of humor."

Best Corporate Book: RE/CAP has won GOLD at the BCM Award 2020

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Just a music guy: Lenny Kravitz

50th anniversary of first overall Le Mans win: Porsche celebrates in big – and small – way

James Hunt: They didn't get him

»In their world, there is no glory or praise for singular achievements«

Kawasaki Z H2 and Corvette C7 ZR1: Why we love the supercharger

It’s in the Mix

Roadtrip with Niki

15 ½ Rules for the future – and one ramp.special

"New Horizon" Art Car BMW E3: The idea behind Wundercar and ramp.special

The Taycan Smile

Porsche 924: Adventure Baltic Sea Circle Rally

Berlin calling

The pizza delivery GT