A.P. Donovan: Cutting Edge

Proponents of hard facts cut a strong figure here: A. P. Donovan’s Dali razor, with its hardened carbon steel blade, offers a cut above to those just discovering this kind of shaving technique. And because safety is more important than ultimate sharpness, the starter pack also includes a matching leather strop.

Hoden: Flip Your Lid

A hedonist, so the dictionary definition, is someone who is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and/or sensual self-indulgence. And that is just what the purchase of the Silver Lining Hedonist Helmet from luxury manufacturer Hedon would be. The open-face helmet with a vintage used look made of fiberglass and carbon fiber with natural calfskin leather trim and lining weighs just 900 grams.

Hot as Fire, Cool as McQueen

When there’s a fire, every second counts – and a rapid response is of the essence. Then it’s good to have a fire extinguisher within easy reach. Even better if it not only shares the look of Steve McQueen’s Gulf-Porsche 917 from Le Mans but also its speed. Need to fight fires in classes A, B and C? No problem! This extinguisher is in full compliance with European Standard EN 3-8. The Safe T Racing portable fire extinguisher even offers reliable assistance in stylistic emergencies. Not really a surprise, as the Belgian-made extinguisher is a sort of a multi-talented King of Cool.

Weckt Abenteuerlust: die Tudor Black Bay Chrono

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