Californication: Super 73 S2

There are moments in life when you imagine your California sun-bleached hair fluttering in the wind and your whole life seems like a bed of roses. For example, when cruising around on a Super73 electric bike with fat 20-inch tires, a 250-watt internal hub motor capable of accelerating to a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph), a removable battery and LCD display – with Bluetooth connectivity, of course.

More Than Well-Read: Bibliostyle

Books lying about the floor, piled up on the table, stacked on shelves that reach to the ceiling. In between, coffee cups full of cigarette butts. One look at the personal library of bestselling Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård reveals that this is a place of work. But it also reflects the author’s obsession with ­getting to the bottom of every little detail. For her book Bibliostyle, Nina Freudenberger visited writers, booksellers, collectors and artists and had a look around rooms in which books play the leading role. Exciting, always surprising and on the »World Book Day« a more than fitting read.

Sits Well: Arper Catifa 60 (duplicate)

When you buy from Ecoalf, you don’t just buy yourself a clear conscience. The selection of jackets and coats is compelling – what you get is high quality, moderate prices and an extreme attention to detail. The Atlantic short men’s jacket is extremely light, with the main fabric and lining made from 100% recycled polyester.

Sits Well: Arper Catifa 60

This is a Journey into Sound: Keepall Bandoulière 50

It’s a beautiful life: Sony Alpha 1

Rimowa x Moncler: Get the Message?

RAL 1001: Copenhagen Studios CPH413M crosta cream

A.P. Donovan: Cutting Edge

Hoden: Flip Your Lid

Weckt Abenteuerlust: die Tudor Black Bay Chrono

Belstaff Fraser: Clothing Evolution

Hall of Fame

It’s a match: Vintage Style Rugbyball

Benlee: Packs a Punch

Provocative Curves: Panton Chair

Retro Look: Brett Eyewear

Brew and Boast: ECM Technika V Profi PID

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Eero Aarnio: Having a Ball

Sons of Anarchy


Through Colored Lenses

The Design Bible

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Cut from the Same Cloth

Time for Gold

Fashion: Crazy about Porsche

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Full speed ahead

The (Camera) Man in the Moon

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