Bruce Springsteen: The Boss Is Back

Is it a comeback? No, not really. Because Bruce Springsteen was never really gone. But the new album of the "Boss" is of course a topic. Springsteen takes on some soul classics on it. And then there's the tour next year. So good music is and remains a matter for the boss.

Lamborghini Diablo: The Devil Wears Pirelli

Pirelli and Lamborghini. That’s not just a business partnership, it’s a marriage of Italian soul mates that has lasted ever since Automobili Lamborghini was founded back in 1963. An extremely intimate history lesson, accompanied by a stunning V12 orchestra.

The universal smile: a conversation with the smiley inventor Scott E. Fahlman

Today is world smile day. And: This year, the emoticon celebrates its 40th birthday. The latter was invented by Scott E. Fahlman. The U.S. computer science professor tells us how it came about, how quickly it spread, and why the smiley is still so wonderfully successful today. Because it connects us all.

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Posthumer Weltmeister: eine Verneigung vor Jochen Rindt

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Hot Wheels: Playfulness & Drive

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