Stripes, Style & Tailoring: A visit to Paul Smith

If anyone has brought more colour to the fashion world, it was Paul Smith. In an exclusive interview with ramp Editor-in-Chief Michael Köckritz, the legendary designer reveals how his world-famous and eponymous brand came about, how he works - and what good style is for him. And where can you get to know a person better than in his home? Exactly. That's where we met him.

Simply Upside Down: Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS

Why not use the 911’s top boxer as a mid-engine in the Cayman? Simple thought, elaborately wrought. The result is a Porsche of historic stature.

Patek Philippe: Exceptionally Straightforward

Nobody really needs a mechanical watch. Says Yannick Michot, of all people, head of Patek Philippe Germany since 1998. But that’s exactly why he can say something like that.

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Colin Farrell: Irish, honest and grown

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