Benlee: Packs a Punch

A quick pugilist history lesson: Rocky Marciano still holds the record for highest knockout percentage in his class and remains the only world heavyweight champion to go undefeated throughout his career. The secret to his success: quit while you’re ahead. His refusal to consider a comeback contributed greatly to cementing his status as a legend. Marciano’s legacy is honored to this day with commemorative boxing gloves like these from Benlee.

Provocative Curves: Panton Chair

There are chairs that are just chairs – and then there’s Verner Panton’s 1967 Panton Chair. We’ve all seen it, we all have our own opinion of it, and everyone has their own memories of the first all-plastic chair made in one piece with a cantilever design. You can still get the Panton Chair in the same vibrant colors of yesteryear, complemented by new shades such as Deep Black or Glacier Blue.

Retro Look: Brett Eyewear

Most people probably don’t remember the 1971 television series The Persuaders! in which Tony Curtis’s character Danny Wilde drives a red Ferrari Dino 246 GT and Roger Moore, as Lord Brett Sinclair, 15th Earl of Marnock, was often seen behind the wheel of a Bahama Yellow Aston Martin DBS. The show performed poorly in the UK and the US but was extremely successful in Germany – possibly because the translated dialogue differed significantly from the original. Anyway, we’ve found someone who remembers the show: the French eyewear brand Brett, which makes some very nice sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, took its name from Moore’s character.

Brew and Boast: ECM Technika V Profi PID

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