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The Visionary Aesthete

Peter Schreyer’s decision in 2006 to leave Volkswagen for Kia left many scratching their heads. People wondered why someone would descend from the heights of car design to join a relatively faceless brand on the other side of the planet. But he couldn’t have done anything better. Because Peter Schreyer is a visionary. And he recognizes an opportunity when he sees one.

The bull to the power of four: Lamborghini Countach

»C4« can either be used to describe plastic explosives, French compact cars or our very special trip through northern Italy. And the latter one is all about automotive taste, (non-)explosive acceleration and certainly no cars of common sense. In other words: Countach, Countach, Countach, Countach!

Mercedes-Benz: Bettina Fetzer in conversation with Michael Köckritz

What is an icon? That often only becomes clear when you talk about it. And best of all, of course, when you are travelling in one yourself. Like ramp editor-in-chief and publisher Michael Köckritz who talks to Bettina Fetzer, Head of Communications and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz. In a SL. It's about icons, luxury and sustainability. Mercedes and brand values included, of course.

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The bull to the power of four: Lamborghini Countach

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