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Article from rampstyle #26

Shanghai, Paris & Toronto: Let's go shopping!

If you’re in the mood for skateboarding, some weed or a pair of new sneakers, we’ve got good news for you: There are some very, very cool stores out there catering to just these desires.

Bruce Springsteen: The Boss Is Back

Is it a comeback? No, not really. Because Bruce Springsteen was never really gone. But the new album of the "Boss" is of course a topic. Springsteen takes on some soul classics on it. And then there's the tour next year. So good music is and remains a matter for the boss.

The universal smile: a conversation with the smiley inventor Scott E. Fahlman

Today is world smile day. And: This year, the emoticon celebrates its 40th birthday. The latter was invented by Scott E. Fahlman. The U.S. computer science professor tells us how it came about, how quickly it spread, and why the smiley is still so wonderfully successful today. Because it connects us all.

The Messengers

The beauty of the moment: Chronext founder Philipp Man in conversation

The talented Mr.Law

rampstyle: Bryan Adams photographs Kelly Jones

Hideaways: third time's the charm

Marc Cain: the secret of desirability

Juliane Marie Schreiber: Just Say No

The Futurists: Steve and Nick Tidball of Vollebak

Lars Kern: Feeling Your Way to the Limits

Exclusively for rampstyle #26: Bryan Adams photographs Kelly Jones

Just Us Two: Chris Colls & Alexandra Agoston

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