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Article from rampstyle #24

Apple. The coolness tool

Whether in the Bible, in Newton's garden, or in your pocket: Few things have shaped and changed us as much as the apple. A brief case study - including the fall of man, the discovery of gravity, Apple's new iPhone14 - and something with Tom Cruise and Michael Fassbender.

Hiro Sakai: On a knife's edge

About ten years ago, Hiro Sakai received a visit from a very unpleasant guest. And that changed his life. Today, the sushi master still welcomes all visitors and maintains particularly open communication. We came, ate sushi and talked to the pioneer of the counter style sushi from Frankfurt about his life.

Ryan Gosling: Celebrated and Enigmatic

Ladies, this Interview is just for you on international Women's Day: Ryan Gosling could be talking about his dog, about his sister or simply taking a break to pour himself a glass of water. No matter what he does, he always seems to be surrounded by an enigmatic aura. Though that’s probably also the reason for his incredible success.

Cocktails at Basil’s

The Armani Code

Full beans: thoughts on Gourmet Coffee Day

The coolness tool

Like a wild Steve

Stay (un-)cool: Bernhard Pörksen on the sense and nonsense of excitement

Of quaking and living: Kurt Molzer rides the '69 Charger R/T

A Paragon of Calm: Ridley Scott

rampstyle #24 – I am (cool)

The Space Time Capsule: Hyundai Ioniq 5

Reeves Reloaded