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Article from rampstyle #25

Semplicemente buono: Die »Bellini« Ristobar

Let's face it: there is no more sincere love than that of food. And this is especially true for Italian cuisine and pasta. So for World Pasta Day, we're heading to one of our favourite restaurants: the »Bellini«.

Great Ingredients, Simply Prepared

Andreas Schweiger is, simply put, an award-winning chef. The fact that he is also a famous television personality is because he tends to get right to the point. Like he did in our interview. Which is why we like to remember it on National Culinarians Day

Kurt Molzer and the black De Tomaso Pantera

Honest work. Driving a car in its purest form, with clutch and gearshift, without power steering and electronic driving aids, but with a lot of fire. A simple recipe - and incredibly effective. No question, Kurt Molzer loves the De Tomaso Pantera. And survives the wild affair - at least until it comes to writing down what happened.

Simplify Your Life: Werner Tiki Küstenmacher

Ana de Armas: As Simple as That

Christian Ankowitsch: How to Reduce Complexity

Raffael Nadal: Watch. Set. Match.

The Other Side of the Force: Ewan McGregor:

George Clooney: A conversation about coolness, happiness and his role as a father

Angela Köckritz: On Discovering Lightness

Patek Philippe: Exceptionally Straightforward

Tom Ford: The One and Only

rampstyle #25 – Keep It Simple and Smart

Kurt Molzer tames the De Tomaso Pantera

Stripes, Style & Tailoring: A visit to Paul Smith