Against the current: Rolls Royce Boat Tail

With the »Boat Tail« Rolls-Royce introduces a mixture between luxury limousine and yacht. At the same time, it is intended to herald the dawn of a new era in which the craft of »coachbuilding« will once again become a permanent fixture for the brand. By the way, it also shows how individually a short break can be designed.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Rolls Royce

Probably the fastest and most exclusive picnic basket in the world? It originates from Great Britain and goes by the name of »Rolls-Royce Boat Tail«. This picnic basket is actually a car. Just an unusual one. Limited to three units, the 5.8-meter blue car combines the aesthetics of the British brand with the lines of a yacht - and, in turn, combines these with a bit of luxury in terms of dining culture. What do we mean? Under the namesake and luxury boat-inspired stern made of Caleidolegno veneer and stainless steel, two refrigerators are precisely tailored to customer preferences. For example, one fridge holds Armand-de-Brignac champagne, while the second is focused on food. The cutlery from Christofle is also conveniently supplied. Also on board: a parasol and two stools made of carbon.

A flamboyant one-off? Nope. Just a taste of the great things Rolls-Royce is planning for the future. Coachbuilding, i.e., highly individualized body solutions, is once again to become a central pillar for the English company. Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce, explains: »Today marks a seminal moment for the House of Rolls-Royce. We are proud to unveil Rolls-Royce Boat Tail to the world, and with it, the confirmation of coachbuilding as a permanent fixture within our future portfolio.« How exactly did this come about? »“Rolls-Royce has carefully listened to its closest clients, each of whom has expressed a desire to deepen their relationship with the brand by creating ambitious, personal statements of true luxury.«

And the »Boat Tail?« It is already skillfully surfing the waves of authentic and contemporary luxury.

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