Agent 005: the new Range Rover is here

Land Rover presents the fifth generation of the Range Rover - and accelerates away from the competition in style and more than dignified. Thanks to numerous innovations on board the new luxury off-roader, of course, but also thanks to the company's awareness of its own history.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Land Rover

Der Name? Ist Rover. Range Rover. Gleichbedeutend mit elegantem Stil, Selbstbewusstsein und dieser Abenteuerlust gepaart mit einem starken Charakter. Quasi der Nadelstreifenanzug mit Lizenz zum Schlammcatchen und nicht weniger legendär als ein gewisser, fiktionaler Agent aus Großbritannien. Genau dieses große Erbe setzt sich in der fünften, jetzt vorgestellten Generation des Luxus-Offroaders fort. Weshalb wir auch ganz einfach fünf Features des neuen Range Rover genauer unter die Lupe nehmen – Gadgets und Agentenpotenzial natürlich inklusive.

New hybrids & electric power from 2024 onwards

No, Q didn't have a hand in this. Nevertheless, the new Range Rovers come across as ultra-modern. With the new hybrid powertrains that should allow up to 100 kilometers of pure electric driving - and a battery-only variant coming in 2024. But before anyone thinks that the classic car chase is now a thing of the past, they should first give themselves the electric kick. We are convinced: It will make things even more dynamic. In a pinch, however, a pursuit can also be avoided silently and elegantly.

Hello boat tail

The most striking visual change on the new Range Rover is the rear end - with minimalist and upward-running taillights framing it together with a continuous trim band. The striking design goes by the name of »Boat-Tail« - which is only fitting for such a flagship. The Range Rover can't swim on its own - we only remember a certain British car in »The Spy Who Loved Me« that could. Wading in rivers, on the other hand, is no problem at all, as usual.

Assistant Alexa

The new Range Rover features the innovative Alexa voice control system, which allows you to control a wide range of services in the car simply by using your own voice. Smart home devices, too. Switching on the lights in your own home while on the road to confuse your adversary and gain an advantage? Would now be possible for 007 - as part of the standard equipment. The only question that remains is whether the whole Alexa tale falls more into the category of Bondgirl or Miss Moneypenny.

Production in the same hall

Everything changes - and yet remains the same, in the Agents franchise, but also at Range Rover. While 007 is still waiting for its next actor after Daniel Craig, Range Rover is moving ahead. And is building the fifth generation of the luxury off-roader in the same hall as his forefathers. The Solihull site has been modernized and adapted to take on new challenges. Without forgetting its roots. That's what we call adaptive consistency.

Tailgate Event Suite

Every good Bond ends with what? Time for two, of course. At least so far. But we don't want to reveal too much about the new movie »No Time to Die«. If you watch it in a drive-in movie theater, the seating of choice is also clear: you swing the cargo floor back to get a backrest, and the lower part of the tailgate serves as a bench sea If you want something more luxurious, you can use the new Tailgate Event Suite. With additional lights, audio functions, and custom-fit upholstery.

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