Apple. The coolness tool

Whether in the Bible, in Newton's garden, or in your pocket: Few things have shaped and changed us as much as the apple. A brief case study - including the fall of man, the discovery of gravity, Apple's new iPhone14 - and something with Tom Cruise and Michael Fassbender.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Gregory Gilbert-Lodge

You either eat cool - or you don't. Not a typo. Because it's about biting into an apple. What does that have to do with coolness? Ramp columnist Philipp Tingler will explain it in the current rampstyle#24 and refers to actor Rob Lowe, among others. In the Netflix special »Attack of the Hollywood Clichés« he explains this motif, which is often used in the dream factory. Because such a powerful, by no means silent bite into the apple, for example, on the battlefield or in direct confrontation with the superior is: simply cool. See »Star Trek«, »300« or »A Few Good Men«.

Man has taken a liking to apples anyway. This already begins in paradise with the tree of knowledge and a snake, to which we owe the invention of sin, or so they say. Similarly world-changing was the apple of the »Flower of Kent« variety, which in the summer of 1665 nearly missed young Isaac Newtons head, who then had nothing better to do than to overturn the then common view of the world by discovering universal gravitation. And starting sometime in the 1970s, a certain Steve Jobs tinkered around with technical odds and ends, from which a device called the iPhone emerged almost exactly 15 years ago - which has since completely turned the world upside down in its own way. The appropriate brand name: Apple. The accompanying logo: Quite a bite. The aura of the products with the reduced aesthetics: pretty cool.

And this story is not over yet - because Apple takes care of its core product like no other. The new flagship iPhone 14 is expected this year. It is supposed to arrive in September, and without a so-called notch for the front camera and speakers. Instead, there will only be a recessed »pill« and a »hole« in the display. At least insiders assure of that. Those who can no longer resist the desire for a new iPhone will be satisfied between March and April: then the third generation of the iPhone SE will be waiting in the wings. With an upgrade to 5G and modern processors - but without too many special features. And the realization here? Less can also be more.

And starting sometime in the 1970s, a certain Steve Jobs tinkered around with technical odds and ends, from which a device called the iPhone emerged almost exactly 15 years ago.

Which in turn is kind of cool. But what exactly is »coolness«? Whatever way you look at it, it's not an easy task. At least Philipp Tingler thinks so. Because otherwise anyone could do it. Tom Cruise, for example. Cruise, according to Tingler, is pretty uncool - even when he bites into an apple. Which might explain why Cruise didn't get the lead role in Danny Boyle's film »Steve Jobs,« as was once rumored, but instead Michael Fassbender did. And we in turn think he's pretty cool. Why? You will find our argument for that too - in the current ramp #56.

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