Asket: A Lasting Classic

Actually, August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky were only dreaming of the perfect white T-shirt. Then the two Swedes, who met at Stockholm School of Economics, founded the fashion label Asket and began to radically rethink fashion.
Text Wiebke Brauer
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Mr. Bard Bringéus, how did you end up revolutionizing the fashion world?
There was this moment, back in March of 2015, when we were in Portugal visiting our first factory. We knew nothing about the industry at the time. We had studied business and just wanted to create the best possible T-shirt. At the factory, we saw how many resources go into making a shirt. Afterwards, I walked past an H&M and saw T-shirts being sold for four euros a piece. The contrast was just absurd.

How do you deal with this dilemma?
We decided to only produce as much as we really need. We don’t create demand.
But there is a demand out there for the perfect T-shirt, and that’s what you offer.

What constitutes a perfect shirt?
With all wardrobe classics, it really only comes down to two things: quality and fit.

Your shirts are very simple, very minimalist. Why do you think Scandinavians have such good style?
I suspect it has something to do with the functionalism of the 1920s and 1930s, combined with a sense of social responsibility – and because we want to use resources wisely. This combination resulted in a minimalism that became anchored in Nordic identity.

“Creating wardrobe essentials, there are really two things that matter: quality and fit.”

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