Best Corporate Book: RE/CAP has won GOLD at the BCM Award 2020

With "Crazy About Porsche", we boldly redefined the topic of the Community Platform almost a year ago and from then on brought it to the world in a very lively way. Shortly afterwards, the best stories from "Crazy About Porsche" were available for browsing. As a 448-page coffee table bookazine, an unconventional mix of book and magazine. Now it has won GOLD at the BCM Award 2020 straight away! As the best Corporate Book 2020.
Text Jack Weil
Photo Diverse

No doubt about it, a Porsche like this is a damn good sports car. Super innovative, super ingenious, super perfect and all that. Fine. But that’s not the real reason why we love Porsche. Porsche has always been the slightly different brand of sports car. More unconventional, more spirited, more rebellious – and somehow much cooler. From the get-go, Porsche has rewarded and thrilled heroes, rebels and trailblazers with a timeless way of life. So, and now there’s finally a slightly different Porsche book on the matter as well.

After all, we’re crazy about Porsche.

"A wonderful page-turning and reading pleasure for all Porsche enthusiasts and beyond. Casual and varied. Modern in the best sense."

We admit it. No ifs, ands or buts. We’re biased. For us, Porsche is a perfect, an ideal sports car – which has a lot to do with the fact that it’s not just the idea, design and product that are so inspiring. It’s the people and pictures, the stories big and small that interweave with the cars to create an irresistible, multifaceted world.

The Porsche myth lives in contexts, and within the range from lifestyle to way of life, there is room for everything that is as intense and sensual as it is stimulating and coherent.

So why not a platform whose community, excited and exuberant, realizes, collects and bundles precisely those Porsche-related themes, stories and images that we like so much? Michael Köckritz, our editor-in-chief, had this idea around a year ago. A few days later, we simply launched the platform and called it Crazy about Porsche.

A community where you’ll find the best stories and pictures from the world of Porsche, curated by Michael Köckritz and the ramp editorial team. Just one year later, over ninety-seven thousand readers of the blog and more than thirty thousand followers on Instagram are now completely crazy about Porsche. And lo and behold: the lifeworld is itself evolving into a brand that can be found at the most important events and is loved by people around the world.

"Porsche has always been the slightly different brand of sports car. More unconventional, more spirited, more rebellious."

And now? Now you can leaf through the very best stories from Crazy about Porsche. In form of – as they say – a very readable 448-page coffeetable bookazine, a blend of book and magazine that somewhat undermines the status quo of the available Porsche literature. Large format, with lots of pictures, high-quality visuals and four different covers. An unconventional, refreshing mix and certainly a violation of customary conventions, but enjoyable and fun. Just like the real thing.

Collector’s Edition RE/CAP: Crazy about Porsche, 448 pages, 230 x 300 mm, 4 different covers, published by, Reutlingen, €50.00 plus shipping and handling. More information is available at

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