Camaro LT1: Beachday

The perfect time, the perfect place and the perfect car: Sunrise, the beach at Daytona Beach and a Chevrolet Camaro LT1. Provided you don't suffer from anatidephobia.
Text Natalie Diedrichs
Photo Maximilian Balázs

On this November day, the sun rises at Daytona Beach, Florida, at exactly 6:52 am.

At a rather important place. Not only because you are allowed to romp around on the beach by car (with ten miles per hour), but because exactly here in the thirties the American touring car series NASCAR was created.

There, the Camaro ZL1 1LE will fight for victory lap by lap with the other touring cars in the coming season. And make deafening noise in the process.

It’s quiet here on the beach. The continuous roar of the V8 sound and the roar of the Atlantic waves - a romantic, decelerating mixture.

The Camaro LT1 - the “basic” version of the 455 hp V8 rear-wheel drive suction engine. Unfortunately not available in Germany. That alone would be worth thinking about emigrating.

“Anatidephobia“ - the fear of being observed by ducks. This can happen in Daytona Beach. Therefore, a final American-style warning: “Beware of duck!”

WHow exactly we landed in Daytona Beach, why it is not possible to take good pictures at Ocean Drive in Miami and what kind of bizarreities a NASCAR race has to offer Europeans can be read in ramp #49.

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