CES 2022: Sony Vision-S02, smart home and soundscapes

Las Vegas is once again the hub of the consumer electronics world: CES showcases the latest developments in electronics from entertainment to mobility. Our five highlights from the first two days of the show start with headphones and move on to the Metaverse and smartphone-controlled tractor.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Sony

Las Vegas is electrified again - because the 2022 edition of CES is underway. It's noticeable: the »buzz« in the gamer's paradise is much smaller than usual this time. Several big players are also missing: Audi, Amazon, Google, General Motors, Intel, Meta, T-Mobile, TikTok and Twitter have cancelled at short notice due to the latest Corona developments. Nevertheless, the Consumer Electronics Show offers numerous innovations: from the brand-new Sony electric SUV to modern TV sets, smart home solutions and the soon-to-be-launched Metaverse, everything is there. An overview.

Sony Vision-S02 & Sony Mobility

Alle reden über die Playstation 5 und ob jetzt endlich Zubehör für die Konsole kommt – und Sony lässt lieber die Mobilitäts-Bombe platzen: Nach der Limousine zeigt der Elektro-Gigant jetzt nämlich mit dem Vision S02 einen eigenen elektrischen SUV. Sonys Ambitionen wachsen dabei: Hatte man früher noch regelmäßig versichert, nicht unter die Autobauer gehen zu wollen, soll jetzt noch im Frühjahr 2022 die Tochtergesellschaft »Sony Mobility Inc.« starten. Offiziell natürlich nur, um einen potentiellen Einstieg als Hersteller zu prüfen. Klingt nach japanischer Zurückhaltung – aber auch einem ziemlich klaren Plan.

Smart scale Withing Body Scan

Cynics will say: Presenting a smart body scale after the Corona pandemic is cheeky. We say: So what if it is, it's no big deal. The »Body Scan« from Withings is anything but ordinary: Thanks to the extendable handle and state-of-the-art sensors, a six-channel ECG is also created on request, in addition to weight and body composition. By the way, it is also capable of pulse wave analysis for the blood vessels, as well as examining the nerves in the feet. So excitement is guaranteed every morning.

Technics EAH-A800

Hear, hear! Or don't. Regardless of how you personally feel about it, the Technics EAH-A800 offers the perfect middle ground between enjoying music and shielding yourself from the outside world. In addition to 50 hours of battery life, the new headphones from the audio and turntable specialist impress with excellent noise cancelling. The classically elegant over-ear headphones use this not only when listening to music, but also when making phone calls. Just so you've heard, or read that, respectively.

John Deere 8R

Never before have the professions of farmer and secret agent been closer together: John Deere brings real Bond technology to the field with its 8R tractor. That's because the 8R drives itself across the field if desired - but can also be controlled with an app for the smartphone. We think back to the 1990s, when controlling a vehicle via a cell phone was still reserved for secret agents in the movies. Now that James Bond has officially retired, John Deere is simply giving him a license to plant.

Hyundai Metaverse & Robotics

Now it's getting meta! And no, this doesn't mean the absent ex-Facebook Group, but Hyundai's vision. In a nutshell, it looks like this: in addition to the real world, there will soon be a metaverse, a digital in-between world. This will also revolutionize mobility and robotics. It's just as well that Hyundai is now the owner of the »Boston Dynamics« robotics think tank in addition to real mobility. The best ingredients for the company's own claim to soon make space, time and distance completely irrelevant. Sounds crazy, but it has yet to really take off.

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