Clint Eastwood, a fistful of dollars and the Ferrari 275 GTB

Admittedly: You could never get a Ferrari 275 GTB just »for a fistful of dollars«. Not even actor Clint Eastwood. But without the then top model from Maranello, this »Spaghetti Western« would probably not have been made. A look back on the occasion of »National Spaghetti Day« in the USA.
Text Marko Knab
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Joe, Manco or Blondie: As a »drifter with no name« in Sergio Leone's »Dollars Trilogy,« Clint Eastwood is given many different nicknames on screen in the early 1960s. And then there is also this particular Italian sports car, which the actor owes these legendary »Italo-Westerns« - often called »Spaghetti Westerns«. We're talking about a Ferrari 275 GTB. How Eastwood came to own the interim top model from Maranello? In the negotiations for the final film of the trilogy, »The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,« Eastwood is said to be particularly stubborn: Only a quarter of a million dollars plus a sports car and a share of the profits will convince him.

"When a man's got money in his pocket, he begins to appreciate peace."

Clint Eastwood as »Joe«

At least that's how it's told - others, however, see the elegant GT as a gift from Italian producer Dino De Laurentis for Eastwood's performance in »The Witches.« However the Italian-American liaison comes about, Eastwood can be happy about it. He obviously does so for more than ten years, because in 1966 the silver-grey 275 GTB is considered a decidedly modern vehicle: There's the fine 3.3-liter V12 with a 60° bank angle that not only produces 280 horsepower-but also offers a sound as distinctive as Eastwood's can. Oh yes, Maranello used a familiar V12 here, but not without drilling it down.

There's the fine 3.3-liter V12 with a 60° bank angle that not only produces 280 horsepower-but also offers a sound as distinctive as Eastwood's can.

On the 275GTB, however, the independent rear suspensions are completely new and offer an even better driving feel than on previous models. For the first time, the transmission is also directly locked to the differential, and Ferrari uses disc brakes all around. And then, of course, there's the exterior: A classic GT design from Pininfarina, it combines a long hood with a flowing and close-cut roof with a crisp rear end including a breakaway edge. Elements of the Lusso and the iconic 250 GTO can also be found - such as the modified vents behind the front wheels, but also the clad headlights.

What then happens to Eastwood's GTB is, again, typical of real Western heroes: the GTB's trail is lost a bit and it adopts a different appearance. Painted dark green by Eastwood in the meantime, it also changes hands at some point - and is still a welcome guest at many a concours today. In 2004, the car appeared at a Bonhams auction, where it changed hands for half a million Swiss francs. From today's perspective, that's just a fistful of dollars. After all, such vehicles are now being traded in the seven-figure range even without the celebrity factor. Or to put it another way: »For a Few Dollars More,« Clint could certainly bring his former GTB home once more.

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