Cool, calm, clean: we meet Max Missoni and the Polestar Precept

When you start a new car brand, you can do things that no predecessor has dared - including designing a sculpture on four wheels called »Precept«. This is precisely why ramp editor-in-chief and publisher Michael Köckritz also elaborates on the study's design language during a »car wash« with Polestar design chief Max Missoni.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Matthias Mederer ·

The intersection of art, architecture, a cleaning rag, and the future can currently be found in Gothenburg. More specifically: A hall on the Volvo Car Group campus at the Torslanda headquarters, only a stone's throw away from the gleaming white »Polestar Cube.« And it's called Precept. We'll be taking a look at it today during a »car wash» with design chief Max Missoni. Which first of all raises the question of what the Precept actually is? At first glance, an electric study with a particularly aerodynamic and pioneering design. And for Polestar itself, at least, not a classic concept car, but rather a statement of intent. One that embodies the principles of the premium brand from Sweden - with state-of-the-art infotainment & safety technology, sustainable materials included.

And for design chief Max Missoni himself? »We're talking about a fastback, a grand coupe or a GT with an extreme amount of space in the second row,« he explains during the meeting with ramp editor-in-chief and publisher Michael Köckritz. And this GT is puristic, but sensual at the same time. He also uses the term »sculpture« when hand-washing his Polestar project. This is no coincidence, as quickly becomes apparent when asked about his influences: »I'm someone who is inspired by architecture and contemporary art.« As the son of an architect couple, that's almost a given. While not all of his colleagues share the same background, they at least share the same taste.

Maximilian Missoni is the son of an architect couple. "I practically grew up with design in Graz," he says today. His industrial design studies in Austria were followed by studies at the Royal College of Art in London. From 2002 to 2012 he worked as a designer at Volkswagen before moving to Volvo. Missoni has been Head of Design at Polestar since July 2018.

After all, personality and a sense of style now matter more than portfolio: »We're a small team, but we all have a similar aesthetic sensibility, and we inspire each other.« Which in turn, worked perfectly for the Precept - because, in the end, the result is a design that packs a punch. And a car that will be just as convincing in the soon-to-be-released road version, Max Missoni is certain: » The production version of the Precept is also something we won't have to be embarrassed about. It's going to be a beast.«

Read the entire interview with Max Missoni now in ramp #55 - where the designer explains not only how the interior will become sustainable - but also what will shape the vehicle technically and aerodynamically. Oh yes: he also reveals Polestar's further plans to us.

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