Die Leichtigkeit des Unterwegsseins

Den Sinn des Lebens zu finden, das ist sicher eine ziemlich wichtige Angelegenheit. Weshalb man die Beantwortung dieser Riesenfrage dann nur unter idealen Bedingungen und entsprechend entspannt angehen sollte. Also besuchen wir einen Freund und schrauben mit ihm ein wenig. Oder machen einfach mal unter Freunden mit Freude sonst etwas. Na ja, und mit etwas Glück bringen wir dann ein paar gute Bilder mit, die wunderbar für sich wirken. Alles ohne viele Worte. Wie unter Männern eben.

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Leaving Las Vegas

No, they're not really dangerous. They're rather damn good. And they'll be back soon. Because on May 29th, »The Killers« release their sixth studio album »Imploding the Mirage«. And if all works out, they'll even be back on tour this summer as well.

Top five design accidents: April Fools on Wheels

It is always exciting to see what designers come up with. Especially car designers. By this we don't mean the dramatic proportions of a 911 Turbo or the timeless elegance of Citroën's »goddess« DS 21, but rather those designs that can be confidently categorized as »April Fool's jokes«.

Bentley Bacalar: the resting tiger

A conventional washing plant was never an option. Far too exclusive is the Bentley Bacalar, limited to twelve units. So for the ramp CarWash with chief designer Stefan Sielaff only the fine hand wash was used.

Perfect quarantine places: Kilian Fischhuber in Siberia

That Kilian Fischhuber knows how to move extremely elegantly in the rocks was proven in the »Wrongly Dressed« shooting for rampstyle #9. But he also knows where to find extremely elegant rocks. For example in Ulakhan-Sis. That's kind of synonymous with »at the back of beyond«. Or in other words: a great place to isolate oneself as required in today's times.