Double is better: Singer ACS

Would you rather have a Safari-911 from Tuthill Porsche or a customized »Singer«? Then it's best to simply take the »All Terrain Competition Study« built by Singer and Tuthill in cooperation. Because it combines the unmistakable Singer style and the off-road know-how of Tuthill. Five observations on the Safari-911 that prove that twice the expert knowledge is also twice the fun.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Singer Vehicle Design

- Singer meets Tuthill

Singer is appreciated for its detailed and perfect design, Tuthill Porsche is considered the first address when it comes to taking an 911 off-road safely and quickly. When a long-standing customer of Singer asks for a rally conversion, the case is clear: both specialists lend a hand. Based on the iconic Porsche 964, the Americans and Brits create what is perhaps the ultimate offroad 911 with their »All Terrain Competition Study« or »ACS« for short. They cast the lines of the classic 911 in a stylish shell of carbon fiber with sophisticated aerodynamics and air-cooled powertrain technology.

Form meets function

Singer gives the »ACS« clean and muscular lines in white carbon with orange accents. Underneath, a 3.6-liter boxer engine with 450 hp and all-wheel drive is at work. Another feature e is the lightweight rear bumper, which is milled from a single piece of aluminum. But the Über-Safari 911 offers much more: an FIA-tested roll cage, a large long-distance fuel tank and state-of-the-art GPS navigation that meet the requirements for rally sport. If desired, there's even more engine power on top.

- Off-road meets double bottom

If you presumably want to participate in the Baja 1000 or other endurance races off paved roads, you need a double bottom. The »ACS« doesn't have one in the literal sense, but it's anything but a show car: two shock absorbers per wheel, two spare wheels under the hood and two toolboxes in the rear. Well, two seats in one car is nothing unusual, but the double gearshift option with steering wheel paddles and sequential gearshift lever at the same time is something we've never seen before. Dakar? That wouldn't be a problem either.

- Historical references meet »state of the art«:

The heritage concept is not neglected either: In spirit, the driving machine follows the rally legends from Zuffenhausen. These are the Porsche 953 and 959 and each won the aforementioned Dakar, at that time still Paris-Dakar. The new off-road tool confidently picks up on the lines of the 959 and integrates the radiator into the fluidly designed rear wing like its idea donor. The exhaust reaches back a little further: Its shape is reminiscent of 1960s racing cars, which the new edition of the Porsche 935 also honored.

- Red meets white

Double is better, especially in difficult terrain. That's exactly what the client probably suspected at the beginning of the whole project. Without further ado, he delivered not just one 964 to Singer, but two models - which Singer and Tuthill converted into two rally versions. While the white version with orange accents is trimmed more for desert and mud, the red edition of the »ACS« focuses more on the field of asphalt rallies.

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