Exclusively for rampstyle #26: Bryan Adams photographs Kelly Jones

Good News: For the new rampstyle #26, we spoke with Kelly Jones, frontman of the Stereophonics. It quickly became clear that he is still the local boy from Wales - living in the here and now. Which also has to do with the fact that bad news sometimes leads to good things. Of course, the photographer at the shooting in London was also more than just good: once again, it was Bryan Adams.

Creative Director: Michael Köckritz Photos / Cover Shot: Bryan Adams c/o 
Kathrin Hohberg Agency Interview: Wiebke Brauer Styling /Concept: Jo Hambro Production: Cedric Pfaus Styling Assistant to Jo Hambro: Alicia Ellis, Imy Moore Grooming: Tyler Johnston Photo Assistant: Jay Clark Digital Technician: Rhys Thorpe PA to Bryan Adams: Ali Marr

Bob Dylan once professed to be a fan of the Stereophonics, and the band's music sold millions of records in Great Britain alone. A good reason to take a closer look and ask around. So we wanted to ask singer Kelly Jones what home means to him and what moves him. And clearly, this is still real life. In other words: his family and his four children, but also his music matter. Because even after selling more than 8.5 million albums, Kelly Jones is still full of energy and ideas.

Not because he wants to be famous, but rather because he wants to prove it to himself and share his gift - just as Picasso once tried to sum up the meaning of life. It's especially nice, of course, when a second talented artist joins in: such as Bryan Adams, who photographed Kelly Jones as the man beyond the rock star, up close and exclusively for us.

So we wanted to ask singer Kelly Jones what home means to him and what moves him. And clearly, this is still real life. In other words: his family and his four children, but also his music.

The result? Authentic and multifaceted like the life and playlist of Kelly Jones himself. Talking about music: The 48-year-old listens to just about everything from Tony Bennett to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Billie Eilish. Which somehow fits, because even after more than thirty years in show business, Jones is enthusiastic about a wide variety of things and is anything but one-dimensional. On the contrary, he is impressively open, honest and reflective in the interview.

And if that's not good news, we don't know what is.

→ What motivated him to write his song »Forever,« how he experienced the past two years, and which stars Kelly Jones himself has already met, you can find out in the exclusive interview. Likewise, what a Bryan Adams song has to do with an unforgettable experience. The pictures of Bryan Adams can of course also be seen in rampstyle #26.

The new rampstyle #26
»Good News«
with Bryan Adams' cover shot of Kelly Jones.

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