Fashionized: Aimé Leon Dore 911 SC

They've done it again: Porsche and fashion label Aimé Leon Dore have taken on a 911 SC in their second joint project, once again blurring the line between fashion and car. It simply looks good. And a personal story is also part of the standard equipment.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Porsche

A 911 never goes out of fashion. But for a 911 itself to meet fashion? That's a little rarer but all the more beautiful for it. Porsche and Aimé Leon Dore are now proving this for the second time. After both modified a Porsche 964 last year, this time, the two have reworked a 911 SC in an individual way. Individual here means unique: Inspired by the personal story of Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis, the G-model draws on influences from his childhood on the Greek islands. This is reflected not only in personal photos on the sun visor but also in the entire concept: finished in olive, the 911 now features rally headlights on the hood, black fox rims and a roof rack. Everything, they say, to be able to travel safely and practically even on less developed roads.

Manufacturers and fashion designers have also lent a hand inside the authentically restored classic: Persian carpets serve as floor mats and door panels and combined with bouclé with a handmade leather interior. The sports seats were restored by the supplier Recaro itself. Even a seat pad with wooden balls, not unusual for Santis' youth, is part of the equipment. All in all? The style and history of Santis show up here quite appealingly - and quickly, of course. The maker himself expresses both enthusiasm and awe:

"Working with Porsche is always a deeply humbling experience and privilege, but this project has left me with a deeper appreciation - for the company, its core values and the great people who work there."

In addition to the 911 SC, which will be on display at ALD's flagship store in New York from May 21-23, a separate Capsule Collection is also part of the renewed collaboration. It is already clear that the fashion designer is using the same fabric patterns as in the vehicle. We are sure that the new collection will again convince with clear and classic aesthetics - just like a 911.

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