Friday the 13th: The formula for happiness

For the first time this year, we are dealing with Friday the 13th. A good reason to remind ourselves of the formula for happiness on this supposedly unlucky day. And it's actually simpler than you think, even if it doesn't look that way at first glance.
Text Tom M. Muir
Photo Volkswagen

With our decisions and the actions derived from them, we always pursue a concrete goal. Namely, to be happy. A team of researchers at University College London has discovered what it takes to achieve this goal. And as researchers do, they have put the factors they have identified into a comprehensible formula. Understandable, at least, for those who have a degree in higher mathematics. For the rest, let's put it that way: happiness means something different for everyone. But it can be positively influenced by things like:

– the company
of happy people

– Activities and adventures

– Money to an extent
that one is doing well

The only question that remains is what optimally combines these three factors. The road trip is the obvious choice here: usually completed on holiday, the mood is decidedly relaxed most of the time - and people are content. Activities and adventures? Are pre-programmed anyway. And traditionally, you don't need much on the road trip anyway, except for a bit of food and the right weather. So there's plenty of money left over anyway. And we already have a suggestion for the perfect road trip vehicle - see above.

→ Read more about our proposed Roadtrip vehicle, the new ID.Buzz, in Michael Köckritz' interview with Jozef Kaban, Head of Design at Volkswagen. Now in the ramp #57 »Really?«

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