Full speed into the classic scene: the Heizr Club

From the north to the southwest, from zero to one hundred: Felix Bauermeister has turned Stuttgart’s classic car scene upside down in less than a year. And he did it with his »HEIZR Club« - which got the young enthusiasts between Bad Cannstatt and Zuffenhausen going. That made us curious - which is why we had to ask.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Yannick Hoos / HEIZR Club

Hey Felix! After moving from Hamburg to Stuttgart, you wanted to meet like-minded petrolheads and started the HEIZR Club. Twelve months later, more than 7,000 enthusiasts follow you on Instagram, and there are often several hundred participants at the meetings. Did you expect such success?
No, of course not! The real point was to find like-minded people with old cars in a city that is not my home. People who are of a similar age and who also have the need to chase each other over winding roads in the Black Forest on the weekend - or to exchange ideas over an after-work beer. Now it's the case that calling for a ride on social media would paralyze downtown Stuttgart! (laughs)

What do you think is the secret to success?
I actually believe that I have discovered a kind of niche here. People have been eagerly waiting for it, they just didn't know it yet! (laughs)

What makes the HEIZR Club so special in the community?
As the automotive capital of Germany, Stuttgart has a lot to offer: The Porsche or Mercedes Museum. But classic car events and their meeting places are rather »old-fashioned« and not for our generation. For us, it has to be relaxed, preferably with good music and in a harmonious atmosphere. In the meantime, HEIZR has managed to do that without slipping into the tuning scene of the newer vehicles. Which, by the way, was not that easy.

Your own way into the classic car community?
HEIZR is my way into the classic car community. Before, I was looking for one in vain, but didn't find it. So I took it into my own hands!

And more importantly, why do you drive a classic?
I always wanted to have a classic car. Because I wanted to have a special vehicle, which is not on every corner and which I can repair myself. Besides, old vehicles have always fascinated me more than modern ones.

"HEIZR is my way into the classic car community. Before, I was looking for one in vain, but didn't find it. So I took it into my own hands!"

Felix Bauermeister

Tell us a little bit about your own vehicle. What do you drive yourself?
My first classic car was a Mercedes W123 230CE Coupé in the beautiful yew green color. Still one of the best cars if you are looking for a reliable classic car and don't want to reach too deep into your pocket. Then by chance I found a much too cheap 1986 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupé online in England. A left-hand drive, which was imported at that time from the USA! After initial skepticism, I finally contacted the seller, a retired photographer, flew to England, found the car to be good, and then took off on the ferry and on to the mainland. The freeway trip from Holland to Stuttgart at more than 200 km/h then confirmed that the 911 was in reasonable condition! (laughs) Since then, the car has been my daily driver from spring to fall.

"Then by chance I found a much too cheap 1986 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupé online in England. A left-hand drive, which was imported at that time from the USA!"

Felix Bauermeister

And please talk us a little bit through the event at the beginning of May. Did it meet your expectations? Or even exceeded them? How many people were there?
That's right, our »Stuttgart Finest HEIZR Meet« took place on May 1. The name was chosen because we teamed up with American art director and designer Fernando Pino. Together with him, I designed a print and a t-shirt featuring a Mercedes 190 Evo and a Porsche G model. So the »Stuttgart Finest« that made their debut at the event!

I estimate that 800 to 1,000 people actually visited us with a great selection of cars, including a rare 930 Slant Nose Cabrio from the Porsche Museum. Of course, the weather played right into our hands and the location of the Urban Harbor in Ludwigsburg was also an awesome scenery both for the young and for the classic cars.

Thanks to catering, there was also Pulled Pork, burgers and other finesses. And last but not least, a DJ and the local coffee roaster from Black Bird ensured a good atmosphere and the American Cars & Coffee thought! So the event actually exceeded my expectations.

One moment at the HEIZR meetings that you will never forget?
The friendships that have developed as a result are probably the best moments that make up HEIZR for me. And, of course, unique vehicles like a Bizzarrini 5300 GT, which you just don't see every day.

Your plans for the future? How does it go on with the Heizr Club?
More exciting event formats, trips and products for petrolheads are on the bucket list!

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