Automotive Brand Contest 2020: Future-proof Concepts

The automotive market is undergoing a transformation process that has hardly been seen before - so it is important to have a sustainable concept for the future. The Automotive Brand Contest shows what such a concept can look like - for example, with two awards for Ramp. But ABC also shows the future in automotive engineering itself.
Text Jack Weil
Photo Automotive Brand Contest


Despite the huge selection of magazines, books and other media available, all dealing with the subject of Porsche, the RE/CAP bookazine manages to differentiate itself from the competition, and recounts stories from this traditional car manufacturer from a fresh perspective. A modern, fresh and bold image, combined with extremely aesthetically pleasing photographs, also attract the attention of a young audience, without losing sight of Porsche’s roots.


The car culture magazine ramp, a lavish and beautifully designed coffee table magazine, celebrates the enthusiasm for cars and driving in a passionately subjective, personalized fashion. Immediate, authentic, intense. Fresh perspectives, avant-garde imagery, with a fine feeling for nuances and the right dramaturgical mix. Automotive passion infused with a lust for life. With a creative central idea that serves as a sparring partner for the production.

But the ABC also shows the future in automotive engineering itself - with the best concept vehicles and sustainable brand strategies.

Brand of the Year: Volvo

Calm, modest, responsible and with unerring confidence – this our perception of the Volvo brand, which for years has embodied highly aesthetic Swedish minimalism in the most professional of design. The company’s philosophy has long been linked to sustainable and socially responsible action and business and the group is striving to achieve ultimate climate neutrality by 2040, with the majority of vehicles already currently being made from recyclable materials. With their current models and the purely electric subsidiary brand, Polestar, the Swedes are showing how serious they are in their quest for pole position in the transition to sustainable mobility.

Bentley EXP 100 GT

The powerful, modern British design is instantly recognisable as a Bentley. Sculpted surfacing, precise feature lines and handcrafted detailing are hallmarks that we will continue to enhance and evolve. Our iconic bloodline is translated into perfectly balanced proportions. Sustainable materials fuse seamlessly with tailored technology, providing effortless interaction between human and machine. Exquisitely hand-embroidered fabrics enclose delicate fibre-optics, bringing their patterns alive.

Volkswagen ID. Space Vizzion

The ID. Space Vizzion is a futuristic model that combines the aerodynamic properties of a Gran Turismo with the spacious proportions of an SUV. Stylistically, the ID. Space Vizzion follows the design DNA of the ID. Family and creates an entirely new look with its fully independent and avant-garde character. The optimum aerodynamic design of the front end and roof is particularly striking, as air flows straight through them.

BMW Concept i4

The BMW Concept i4 offers BMW-typical driving dynamics in a completely new guise, combining a modern, sporty and elegant design with the spatial comfort and functionality of a four-door Gran Coupé – and locally emission-free. The modern, elegant exterior forms a deliberate contrast to the highly dynamic driving experience. The interior of the BMW Concept i4 focuses on self-driving. In the front area, everything is therefore concentrated on the driver.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS

The Vision EQS gives a clear view of the brand’s future. The interior gives hints of the technological developments in the years to come; the exterior makes it clear how the Mercedes brand could look in a few years.

About the Automotive Brand Contest:

The Automotive Brand Contest is one of the most important industry competitions worldwide. The German Design Council awards prizes for outstanding product and communication design and draws attention to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry. The focus is on the holistic and consistent staging of the brand.

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