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And now for the latest grooming news – where we report on which type of facial hair is currently in vogue and how to care for it (and others like it).
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Together there are about 15,000 of them. We’re talking about facial hair: 900 individual hairs on the upper lip, 4,900 on the cheeks and 9,200 on the neck and chin. When it comes to the type of facial hair that has been trending something fierce in recent days, however, the number of individual hairs is significantly lower, however. And which type might that be?

To find out, go to the cinema and watch Top Gun: Maverick. Because of Tom Cruise, of course, though he’s clean-shaven. But check out fellow actor Miles Teller, who sports an elegant eighties-style mustache in the film. Videos of the ’stache went viral on TikTok under the hashtag #topgunmustache, with clips bearing captions like “I just watched Top Gun with my wife and I have no choice.” That mustaches have to be groomed just like full beards or three-day stubble should be clear. But just in case, here’s all you need to know.

Oil Change

The King C. Gillette Beard Oil nourishes dry skin with grape seed, evening primrose, jojoba, argan, almond and avocado oils and softens the beard with its special non-greasy formula


The mild cleansers of the King C. Gillette Beard Wash are infused with argan oil, avocado oil and coconut water to gently cleanse the skin and hair, while the menthol provides a light cooling sensation that leaves the skin feeling comfortable and refreshed.


The King C. Gillette Face & Stubble Moisturizer nourishes the skin with its special Vitamin B Complex, relieving dryness and itchy skin. The Soft Beard Balm has a light and soft creamy texture and can be used as a leave-in beard softener or conditioning beard mask before rinsing in the shower.

"A small beard also makes a man.”

German Dictionary of Proverbs (1880)

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