Hideaways: third time's the charm

If all the hullabaloo over the past two years has taught us anything, it's that travel is something very, very precious. And here, in keeping with the holiday season, are three appropriate inspirations.
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Summer Retreat: Lanserhof, Sylt

“I have lived deeply by this shattering sea,” Thomas Mann noted in the guest book of the artists’ boarding house Kliffende in Kampen in 1928. Which goes to show just how long the North Sea island of Sylt has held a magical allure over travelers from far and wide. It is here that the Lanserhof Resorts are opening another health resort, with a concept described as “a symbiosis of traditional naturopathy and the latest medical findings”. The new resort, built on the site of a former officers’ accommodation block in the north of the island, was designed by award-winning architect Christoph Ingenhoven with the aim not to intrude on the protected landscape and wildlife.

The Great Outdoors: Suvretta House, St. Moritz

We don’t want to do injustice to the imposing Grand Hotel Suvretta House, built in 1911 by Swiss hotel pioneer Anton Bon, but the things you can do when you’re not inside the hotel are almost as interesting as the five-star luxury resort itself. ­Suvretta House is located at an altitude of 1,862 meters amidst the high alpine landscape of the Upper Engadine. You can play tennis here, or golf, or enjoy a hike. And, of course, you can go skiing in the winter. The hotel even features direct access to the ski slopes and has its own ski lift.

Tonic for the Soul: Villa Igiea, Palermo

We never tire of mentioning how extraordinarily enjoyable it is to vacation in Sicily, but now there’s another reason to go there: Villa Igiea. The historically listed five-star grand hotel with seventy-two guest rooms and twenty-eight suites was carefully renovated over the last two years. We could mention that the palazzo was originally planned as a sanatorium, but only the wide corridors suggest that the actual purpose was once different. The view of the Gulf of Palermo from the Art Nouveau palace is still therapeutic, however.

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