Ignition spark

Is the »Chispa« beautifully radiating? Or a radiating beauty? Probably both. But above all it is proof that the unusual cooperation between the car brand »Cupra« and the lamp manufacturer »Marset« also works.

A light dawns on us. Not just any light, but a wireless, resistant and stylistically mature one: we're talking about the »Chispa by Marset for CUPRA«. Launched as a collaboration between the two design brands »Cupra« and »Marset« from Barcelona, this modern lamp has become a real multi-talent: rechargeable and waterproof, free of cables and the appearance of a classic workshop lamp. In exactly the same way, the purist crossover also lives up to its name, which means »spark«. In our case, the aforementioned name has proverbially jumped across.

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