It all started with McLaren

Ten years of the Dörr Group. It all started with a McLaren-orange 12C Coupé with Union Jack on the side. To date, the Dörr Group has sold more than 1,200 McLaren and now has eight other brands in its portfolio.
Text Matthias Mederer
Photo Dörr Group

Seeing the opportunities. Not the risk. That's what makes racing drivers tick. Whenever a gap opens up, they pounce on it and overtake their opponents. Without hesitation, with courage and the passion for victory.

Seeing the opportunities. Not the risk. That's what makes entrepreneurs tick. When an opportunity presents itself, strike. Burning for the cause with courage and passion.

Rainer Dörr knows both. And he has successfully done both. He leaves no doubt that his experience as a successful motocross and racing driver (including German junior champion in the 80cc class in 1986) has helped him to build up the Dörr Group into Germany's most diverse super sports car dealer over the past ten years.

In 2011, McLaren wanted to move from the racetrack to the road and built a worldwide dealer network. Rainer Dörr seized this opportunity. The entrepreneur from Butzbach and his wife packed his ten-year motor sports career in his suitcase and convinced the British to entrust McLaren to him in Frankfurt. This was the beginning of a success story. One brand became eight, one location became five and three employees became almost 100. In 2021, the Dörr Group, headquartered in Frankfurt, will celebrate its 10th anniversary. »I started out to do exclusively what I really like: namely, to be close to customers and find the right car for them in peace and quiet, and to bring the fascination of motorsport to the road with a small team,« says Rainer Dörr. »The fact that McLaren - i.e. a Formula 1 team - was looking towards road cars at exactly that time and wanted to set up a worldwide dealer network was simply a perfect fit for our motorsport experience. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.«

The only thing McLaren was skeptical about for a long time and time again, he said, was the topic of dealing with premium and luxury customers. »To be honest, we didn't really know what or who we were dealing with,« says Evelyn Dörr today. But it turned out very quickly, premium customers appreciate the same things as customers of volume manufacturers such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes. »They are people and they want to be perceived and valued as such. You can't do that by just serving them the most expensive champagne. That's where other things matter.« Credible competence, for example. »Especially with McLaren, a brand that defines itself by its technical and ingenuity performance, it was important to be able to explain that to customers. Basically, these vehicles are 200 kilos lighter than the competition and technically derived from racing.« Of course, a dealer who is also a racer can explain far more clearly what's underneath it all.

»McLaren customers, for example, have an incredible affinity for racing.«

Rainer Dörr

This intuitive understanding from within the product also helps him when he has problems with a car, he says. Luxury customers are very spoiled, but even luxury products, especially in the high-performance sector, can cause problems here and there. »In most cases, however, a solution is found in an amicable exchange.« And if not? »Hmm…«, Dörr ponders briefly. Then he grins. »I had a customer in the other day who had remarked that the brakes on his McLaren only lasted one day on the racetrack, while the brake system on his other racetrack tool, whose brand I won't name here, easily lasted a day and a half. I then asked him how much faster he was per lap with the McLaren. He paused for a moment … Well, he said, about seven seconds per lap. I then jokingly suggested that he simply drive his McLaren seven seconds slower per lap and then observe the brake wear. He laughed at that.«

The biggest compliment he's received? »Our customers are all very wealthy. These customers are constantly being offered something, everyone wants to sell them something,« Dörr says »They're used to it, but it basically annoys them too. The other day I had a customer in and we talked for a very long time about this car, that car. In the end he decided on a car and bought it saying: 'You know, for the first time in a long time I had the feeling that someone was exclusively advising me and not trying to sell me anything.' That's very pleasant. And that was a great compliment, because it describes exactly the core of what we want to stand for.«

Das Ehepaar Rainer & Evelyn Dörr. Credit: Dörr Group

The cornerstone of today's Dörr Group was the opening of McLaren Frankfurt. Even when they opened, they sold twelve McLaren. This year, the company can chalk up its 1200th, counting all three of Dörr Group's McLaren locations - Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Almost every year, new manufacturers knocked on the door and new brands were added. Lamborghini, Lotus and then Bugatti, the accolade from France. Furthermore, the Dörr Group with Pagani, Pininfarina, Dallara, Aston Martin and - as the youngest member of Team Dörr - Singer ensures pleasant heart palpitations among car enthusiasts. This makes Rainer Dörr's nearly 100 employee-strong team one of the most diverse supercar dealers in Germany. Since its founding in 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, Dörr Group has expanded to Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin and Hockenheim and has created a launch pad for well-established supercars with the Home of Speed by Dörr Group at the Hockenheimring.

That brings us to the keyword - vacation. »Good question!« laughs wife Evelyn. In fact, in recent years, the Dörr couple manages to close up store at least over the Christmas holidays. »And before COVID, we've flown to a sunny place every once in a while.« Before that? Dörr reels off around 150,000 kilometers a year on the roads in and around Germany. Always on the road. Then, when there's some free time on the weekend, it's off to the race track. »With the sons. The noise of the engines, the tension at the track, the whole ambience, for me it's relaxation,« says Dörr.

Credit: Dörr Group

But even that is not pure leisure. After all, motorsport is in the DNA of the Dörr Group. With the Dörr Driving School, the team makes it possible for amateurs to move from karting into GT racing and to experience racing in their own super sports car. Thus, the Dörr Group is the only sales partner of McLaren Customer Racing in Germany and Kart Republic in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. Dörr Motorsport competes in the ADAC GT4 Germany on a McLaren 570S GT4 and with this season also for the first time with an Aston Martin Vantage GT4. In addition, a Dörr Group customer will take the wheel of Germany's only McLaren 720S GT3 at the ADAC Racing Weekend, and another will race a Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Evo.

The company never rests. And this is not only due to around 60 events that Team Dörr experiences together with interested parties, customers and clients. A few weeks ago, Munich underwent an extreme location upgrade. The move to the city's new showpiece, Motorworld, has been successfully completed. This brings McLaren Munich and the world's only Bugatti Boutique & Showroom into line with the manufacturers' latest design specifications. The Home of Speed at the Hockenheimring will also change. The existing used car center for super sports cars will be joined by the world's first P Zero World Lounge from Pirelli, a workshop in the infield and a unique series of talks. Here, customers can meet personalities from the world of super sports cars and discuss developments, trends and anecdotes.

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