It’s Hot, Baby

Smart climate? No problem. We recommend a casual mix of the latest swimwear and fall fashions. Or the new Golf GTI. Or both.
Text Natalie Diedrichs
Photo Peter Schreiber

»Cool town, evening in the city

Dressed so fine and looking so pretty

Cool cat lookin’ for a kitty

Gonna look in every corner of the city«

»Summer in the City« by Joe Cocker

PAOLO Trousers: Paul Smith / Shirt: Tom Ford / Jacket: Amy via Bungalow / Chelsea Boots: Scarosso / Gloves: Roeckl

ELIAS Suit: Sandro Paris / Sunglasses: Jimmy Fairly / Chelsea Boots: Scarosso / Shirt: Marciano for Guess

NÚRIA Jumpsuit: Guess / Men’s Jacket: Acne via Bungalow / Shoes: Paul Smith / Sunglasses: Escada / Bracelet: Cartier

»Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

And she’s always gone too long

Anytime she goes away«

»Ain’t No Sunshine« by Bill Withers

NÚRIA Blazer: Armani / Trousers: Armani

PAOLO Lounge Coat: Everyday Holiday / T-Shirt: Phyne / Trousers: Hackett London / Towel: Hermès

THAYNÁ Blazer: Polo by Ralph Lauren / Shorts: Second Female / Shoes: Guess / Knitted Shirt: 8 By Yoox

And now for the Golf 8 GTI, or rather its intelligent climate control system, which features five predefined temperature settings stored within the Smart Climate menu. Controlled by voice commands. Just say, “I’m cold!” and the Air Care Climatronic system will turn up the temperature on the driver or front passenger side. Say, “I’m hot!” and the temperature is turned down. In response to the command “clear view”, the system de-mists the windscreen. Other commands are “warm feet” and “cool feet”, though you can also make specific requests such as, “Make it four degrees warmer.” One more thing: the system even recognizes whether a command has been issued from the driver or passenger side. Otherwise things could get very uncomfortable.

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