It's your birthday!

Driving a pine-green Porsche 911 Turbo into the pine-green Black Forest is not the most creative idea yet, but today on April 18th, of all days, it fits like a tail that breaks out in a 180-degree bend.
Text Jack Weil
Photo Maximilián Balázs ·

Concluding from the date of birth that which Porsche is the right Porsche for your type is a popular pastime on the social media (see illustration). Very stimulating. Not only when it comes to ideas for birthday presents.

Coincidentally, exactly today there is a Porsche Turbo in Oak Green Metallic of the 930 series in the garage. A so-called Ur-Turbo (Original Turbo). In other words, the car that created a myth in the 1970s that has shaped the identity of the Porsche brand right up to the present day - so much so that the word turbo itself has grown into a sub-brand that now even adorns the top model of the all-electric Taycan, even though there is no technical derivation as in the original Turbo. Although it actually belongs to the Porsche Museum, that's fine - after all, it's all about gifts. At least in the farthest sense.

»In other words, the car that created a myth in the 1970s that has shaped the identity of the Porsche brand right up to the present day - so much so that the word turbo itself has grown into a sub-brand.«

Ignition on, careful warm up and then straight into the Black Forest; Firs or no firs. According to the motto: if the original Turbo doesn't come to your birthday, your birthday must come to the original Turbo! Everything else is then a cheerful combination of boost-pressure-fired acceleration, the mechanical smell of an octane and oil-driven engine, powerful turning on the valance without Servo support and the certainty of being the boss of the universe again, with all its pleasure centers and explosive dangers.

But the question of the rear end breaking out in the 180 degree turn must remain unanswered. After all, I want to celebrate my birthday this year. Then in September, and ideally with a gulf-orange 918 Spyder. This can be seen as a hint to all those who are still unsure whether the socks will be as popular as last year.

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