Kurt-Torture: Molzer has to drive electric

In another universe, Kurt Molzer drove a Ferrari from Munich to Hamburg in 3:34 hours. Then, in our increasingly electric galaxy, he got an Audi e-tron GT for the same distance. Since then, he hasn't been too keen on us.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Marcel Langer

Kurt Molzer loves fast cars. In other words, cars with good acceleration, decent lateral dynamics and not exactly insignificant top speeds. Or as he likes to put it himself: »I have gasoline in my blood, more than is in a reserve cansiter.« By implication, he therefore doesn't think much of electric cars and doesn't bother with them. He says he knows »as much about these vehicles as a fish about laying tiles.« Nevertheless, we put Kurt into an Audi e-Tron GT without further ado. The assignment: Kurt is to drive from Munich to Hamburg, as he did back then with the Ferrari 575M. As fast as he could. Back then, he managed the distance in a good three and a half hours. The times have obviously changed - but has Kurt?

Let's reveal this much: He liked some things. For example, the thrust of the e-Tron. »I gave it full power. Whereupon a pretty violent jolt went through our 2.3-ton spaceship. And after the jolt came the thrust. And what a thrust it was,« our gasoline brother enthuses. Everything would have been fine if it hadn't been for all the road works on the A7, the charging, and the lack of enthusiasm as the speed increased. And then, of course, there was that one damn defective charging station just before Hamburg, in Soltau to be precise. 90 kilometers before Hamburg with a range of still a good 95 kilometers.

I have gasoline in my blood, more than is in a reserve cansiter.«

Kurt Molzer

Kurt is Kurt, of course, and masters even this challenge with his son Bela - but not without permanent damage. Because in his essay he wildly deals with the Biberach Schützenfest, the Viennese bumper cars, bad bockwurst and Lufthansa. And the e-Tron GT. Oh yeah: along the way, Kurt also discovers that he is actually Mister Spock’s father.

Read the whole story about Kurt's electric adventure in ramp #55.

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