Lego Porsche 911 Turbo: Rolling Stones

»I couldn't find the toy of my dreams, so I built it myself«: loosely based on Ferry Porsche, the eponymous sports car manufacturer and Lego present a new set featuring the Original-Turbo. And, incidentally, proof that analog can benefit from digital.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Lego

The best things are often created in one's garage: legendary rock bands, Apple's first Mac - and now Porsche's Original-Turbo in its Lego version. Which, in addition to today's unveiling of the set, was itself a first, as Lego's Mike Psiaki reveals: »It was the first Lego car to be created in a garage.« But the influence of the somewhat different home office didn't hurt at all - the original Turbo also impresses as a model with a striking flyline and that mighty rear spoiler. Other genuine arguments for fans: the slightly tilted headlights, the detailed engine, and functioning steering. Just like the 1,458 individual parts, which even make an alternative and narrower Targa version possible. However, it is not only these details that make this model for Porsche and Legoso special, because after numerous collaborations, it is also the first model by that was created without face-to-face meetings.

Current circumstances made this necessary, but it turned out to be a blessing: Instead of long correction loops and several meetings, the feedback was implemented digitally. As a result, the development process was accelerated, which was quite in line with the model, and also became more efficient. When it comes to the model itself, however, the two cooperation partners remain true to themselves: Only two new bricks were developed for the Turbo, and the remaining challenges were solved with existing bricks. The centerpiece in the rear of the automotive classic from the Creator series is a Lego classic itself: the only 4x2 brick used sits, appropriately enough, in the middle of the model's boxer engine.

The centerpiece in the rear of the automotive classic from the Creator series is a Lego classic itself: the only 4x2 brick used sits, appropriately enough, in the middle of the model's boxer engine.

Underneath the body, other components work alongside Lego Technic elements, as Lego's Mike Psiaki explains: »imagination, creativity, fun, and quality.« In his view, the two companies share these values in particular. And it goes without saying that they share a strong commitment to timeless design and elegant simplicity. And that's a good thing to build on.

Lego Porsche 911 Turbo / Targa:
Number of pieces: 1.458
Recommended retail price: 129.99 EUR | 154.00 CHF
Age recommendation: from 18 years
Length: 35.5 centimeters, height: 10.8 centimeters, width: 16.0 centimeters

The limited edition for members of the LEGO VIP loyalty program will be on sale from February 16. In addition to the model, a leather wallet, retro postcards and a "Certificate of Awesomeness" will be included. The standard model will be available for regular sale on March 1.

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