License to Chill: Apartment 0.07

The new Bond movie is still a little while away. So how to stay cool until then? The Four Seasons and the interior designers at Finchatton have a solution: a three-story apartment at 20 Grosvenor Square. Not only does it invite you to linger, but it just might be part of the set of the next 007 movie.
Text Alexander Morath
Photo Finchatton

Where is James Bond? After the fifth postponement of the agent thriller "No Time to Die", one could easily think that the double-zero agent has secretly retired. Early retirement, so to speak. After all: The right domicile for a quantum of relaxation would be available in the form of a fully furnished apartment at the historic 20 Grosvenor Square in London. In collaboration with the Four Seasons Hotel, the renowned interior design firm Finchatton designed a living-space turned homage to the most famous secret agent of our time on almost 600 square meters and over three floors.

Two Aston Martins, a DB5 and the DBS Superleggera, can also be seen in the press photos. And thanks to the glazed garage, they can be seen from the comfort of the living room. Whether they are included in the purchase price? We don't know. What is certain, however, are plenty of other Bond references, such as the marble-topped bar, perfect for mixing martinis. A billiard table - Sean Connery would have approved - is of course also available. Also tweed furnishings and wallpaper wrapped in wool pinstripes. The three bedrooms, the open living and dining area as well as a private wine cellar including 24-hour concierge service are then practically part of the (upscale) standard in the 007 theme.

So anyone who is still seriously wondering where that James Bond guy actually is should just try 20 Grosvenor Square.

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