Maserati MC20: Emotion meets innovation

The trident stings again: After more than a decade without a real super sports car, Maserati presents the MC20. And with the sharp coupé not only leads its own and great history into the year 2020, but also brings Italian emotion and technical innovation into harmony.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Matthias Mederer ·

The expectations that a great history brings with it? Can weigh heavily. But they can also make you work more light-footed on a worthy heir to famous racing and sports cars. Maserati now proves the latter with the MC20. The new high-performance coupé of the traditional Modena brand weighs less than 1500 kilograms with an output of 630 hp. Its modern, high-revving V6 biturbo engine with the melodious name »Nettuno« is, like the car itself, is a completely new development: Located behind the lightweight carbon monocoque, it uses genuine Formula 1 technology with prechamber ignition and turbocharging. This is combined with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission from Getrag, which delivers power to the rear wheels in the traditional manner.

Credit: Matthias Mederer ·
Credit: Matthias Mederer ·

»Less is more« applies not only to vehicle weight and powered axles though, but also to design: Interpreted in a modern and Italian way, the bonmot leads to elegant lines with a typical Maserati radiator grille and gullwing doors, which Modena combines with a white color scheme. The interior, which is predominantly black, is a perfect contrast: with its high level of carbon fibre, it also refers to the motorsport roots of MC20 technology. Details such as the rims and a carbon engine cover, both of which mark the iconic trident, are added. How much is such an agile coupé with emotional drive now supposed to cost? We do not know yet. Maserati has not yet revealed the price.

Credit: Matthias Mederer ·
Credit: Matthias Mederer ·

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