McLaren 570S Spider: Chasing the Sun

Arktische Kaltluft kündigt sich an. Von Regen ist die Rede. Und – gütiger Himmel! – oberhalb von 400 Meter ist nächste Woche sogar mit Schneefall zu rechnen. Brace yourselves! Der Winter kommt! Zumindest was die Temperaturen betrifft. Was uns wiederum betrifft, so tanken wir im Strahl der Herbstsonne noch etwas Rest-Vitamin D. Das geht im McLaren 570S Spider dann auch ausgesprochen gut.

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Bentley Bacalar: the resting tiger

A conventional washing plant was never an option. Far too exclusive is the Bentley Bacalar, limited to twelve units. So for the ramp CarWash with chief designer Stefan Sielaff only the fine hand wash was used.

Perfect quarantine places: Kilian Fischhuber in Siberia

That Kilian Fischhuber knows how to move extremely elegantly in the rocks was proven in the »Wrongly Dressed« shooting for rampstyle #9. But he also knows where to find extremely elegant rocks. For example in Ulakhan-Sis. That's kind of synonymous with »at the back of beyond«. Or in other words: a great place to isolate oneself as required in today's times.

Labello, chewing gum and potato chips

For our ramp #49 - Higgledy Piggledy we flew to New Zealand for the launch event of the new Jeep Gladiator. It turned out to be a real off-road adventure that a pair of sneakers didn't survive. Additionally, it left us with the serious question: how do you actually survive in the wilderness in extreme cases?

Cool pages: Our top 5 Steve McQueen books

There are different ways to approach the »King of Cool«. Very few have come as close to him as his wife Barbara. Or had the pleasure of photographing him in private. But there are still his vehicles. And Le Mans. Five worthwhile books about Steve McQueen, who would have turned 90 on March 24.