More Than Well-Read: Bibliostyle

Books lying about the floor, piled up on the table, stacked on shelves that reach to the ceiling. In between, coffee cups full of cigarette butts. One look at the personal library of bestselling Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård reveals that this is a place of work. But it also reflects the author’s obsession with ­getting to the bottom of every little detail. For her book Bibliostyle, Nina Freudenberger visited writers, booksellers, collectors and artists and had a look around rooms in which books play the leading role. Exciting, always surprising and on the »World Book Day« a more than fitting read.

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Words of wisdom from Robert M. Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a couple of thoughts about inside and out – plus a review of the brand-new BMW S 1000 R and a little story about a pair of old motorcycle gloves waiting in a drawer.

Short & crisp: Harm Lagaay about the Boxster design

Nothing against the 911, but Porsche is much more than that - something we have Harm Lagaay to thank for, too. A conversation with Porsche's former chief designer about the Boxster, launched 25 years ago, Porsche's design language - and how to create something brand new for the future from a glorious history.

Till Brönner: the jazz adventurer

If you're successful with good music, you don't need to worry about labels. Others attach them to him on their own - both the good and the bad. Till Brönner can say a thing or two about it. On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the jazz adventurer, photographer, and Dressman, we read again what Brönner had to say in rampstyle #9.

Parking garage? Art space!

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