Motorworld Book Award: "The next 60 Years - Porsche 911 Design Project" from wins honorary prize

A book like a monolith: At this year's Motorworld Book Award of the Motorworld Group, "The next 60 Years - Porsche 911 Design Project" from wins an honorary prize in the category »Design«.
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"A book like a monolith, also graphically deliberately designed in three dimensions, not simply content packed between two flat covers." That's exactly how Prof. Wickenheiser, Professor of Transportation Design at the Faculty of Design at Munich University of Applied Sciences, wanted his students' design zeal to become plastic in "The next 60 Years - Porsche 911 Design Project". And brought ramp on board as a partner and modern impact luxury brand.

The result: a heavyweight (4.6 kg), large (36 x 25 cm) and rare book (edition of 150 copies) that deals with the Porsche brand and its design language in a fascinating way, both in terms of content and design. Supplemented with an analysis of the design process in the development of the original 911 and an outlook on how, from the point of view of young design students at the Munich University of Applied Sciences under the guidance of Porsche Head of Exterior Design Thomas Stopka, future generations of vehicles could "embody the unique design vocabulary of the legendary sports car icon," according to Prof. Wickenheiser.

The jury statement: "
A fascinating book in which one works one's way from page to page and is constantly amazed at what new forms can still be wrested from the now more than 50-year-old classic. Expensive, heavy and extremely rare - anyone interested in Porsche design and the eternal classic 911 cannot get past "The next 60 Years - Porsche 911 Design Project"."

Dr. Othmar Wickenheiser: "We are delighted with the award and would like to thank Michael Köckritz. The book shows how Generation Z creatives are taking the DNA of 911 into a distant future with enthusiasm and dynamism." Wickenheiser continued, "Demanding projects simply need passionate protagonists who, despite their proven expertise, are willing to leave routines behind, to break new ground in order to create something special. Michael Köckritz is such a person, he knows that enthusiasm has a lot to do with spirit and imagination. He is not satisfied with mediocrity, averageness and standard. He can listen and fulfill common dreams. A deep attachment to our automotive design heritage, its evolutionary dynamic development and the great pleasure of being associated with visionaries at work is an essential part of success."

Michael Köckritz: "An inspiring project by Prof. Wickenheiser and his students that wonderfully conveys the fascination of design and design work. A design-influenced brand like Porsche lends itself ideally to this."

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