Moving with the times: The (car) highlights of the CES

In the first week of January, the tech companies traditionally fire off their innovation fireworks at the CES technology fair. This year is no exception. We have summarised the automotive innovations and other highlights from Las Vegas.
Text Alfred Rzyski
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Sony Honda Mobility Afeela

Some things never change, you would think: the next CES edition, the next vehicle study from Sony. This time, however, with the colossal difference that the electronics giant is announcing series production. The company is now going full steam ahead with Honda as its technology partner. Under the name "Afeela", vehicles are to be available for pre-order from 2025 onwards and will be available in spring 2026. Technically, the vehicle is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chassis - and is accordingly highly networked. A display in the radiator grille and a user interface that uses the "Unreal Engine" familiar to gamers? That's also a given.

BMW i Vision Dee

"Neue Klasse" in the calibre of "new era": that is what the BMW i Vision Dee is supposed to be. According to the Munich-based company, hardware and software are merge in the vehicle to bring together virtual experience and real life driving pleasure. Sounds quite promising. In reality, the compact electric vehicle uses e-ink technology to change its colour at will and conjure up a wide variety of patterns on the body. Rally stripes are available at the touch of a button, so to speak. The windscreen also offers unlimited possibilities: if desired, it can be turned into a digital display as a mixed reality portal. On which we would love to see "The Dee Movie" - the BMW clip with a wonderfully self-deprecating Arnold Schwarzenegger about the past and future of mobility. Simply worth seeing. Really!

Bosch ABS Brakes für E-Bikes

No, we haven't missed the mark by a few decades. An anti-lock braking system is now standard in all vehicles (and brakes) - and thanks to Bosch, also in e-bikes. But with the latest generation of its system, the technology company is going one better. For this purpose, the system measures the speed of the brake discs and bites down firmly accordingly. Oh yes, the system is fine-tuned to the respective area of use. Whether on a mountain bike, cargo bike or in the city - the Swabians ensure a safe stop.

LG Styler Shoe Care

Shoe taste? You can discuss this heartily for hours. But you can also leave it alone and simply show off your sneaker collection in a representative way. LG has now designed the right furniture for this: The LG Styler Shoe Care shoe cabinet is not only an extremely decorative showcase, but also keeps shoes fresh and prevents the effects of sweaty feet. Which is not entirely wrong. At least in the USA, many households will now become a little more odour-neutral - because the CES premiere was also the market launch in America.

Peugeot Inception

A very clear vision: 7.25 square metres of glass stretch over the passengers of the Peugeot Inception. The purely electrically driven coupé is also extremely dynamic in terms of performance: 500 kW provide more than enough power. Everyone is allowed to see that, too: With dramatic lines underneath the glass dome and the usual clawed borrowings, the design shows a clear edge. But the real gem, even from Peugeot's point of view, is the so-called "Hypersquare". This is what the French call the square, motorsport-inspired steering wheel. The operation is particularly innovative: peripheral settings are made via gestures, the steering itself works purely electrically. The drive-by-wire concept is to enter series production before the end of the decade.

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