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Tempus mutantur, says the Latin, and we say: you can be particularly relaxed about change if you not only go along with it, but also shape it yourself. See Lotus: The legendary racing brand says goodbye to the combustion engine and starts into a new electric era, and both in the way it should be - completely unafraid.
Text Patricia Jell
Photo Lotus

There are clubs that you would like to be a member of. The "two-second club" is definitely such a society, and Lotus has a brand-new entry ticket for us: the Lotus Eletre. The all-electric SUV not only gets from a standstill to one hundred in under three seconds, it is also a powerhouse in other respects, so much so that Lotus chooses the term "hyper-SUV" to describe its latest model. However, the car signals more than just a new model for Lotus: the brand's first SUV also marks a milestone in its history, according to Matt Windle, Lotus' CEO.

With the Eletre, Lotus is fully embarking on a new era that will be all-electric - from their 80th birthday in 2028, the British want to build only e-cars, and with the appropriate attitude, as the dramatic design of the SUV alone makes clear. What will not change, however, are the core principles and the Lotus DNA, which is fed by more than 70 years of sports car design and technology.

After all, you can't even think of Lotus without racing and racing without Lotus. Le Mans legend, 74 Grand Prix victories, extremely successful innovation machine in Formula 1, countless victories and championship titles - and always the guarantor of technical innovations.

You don't strip away a history like that, you use it for your own transformation. The British sports car manufacturer is to become a global performance brand, the combustion engine is to be replaced by fully electric models. The Emira, Lotus' last combustion engine, was recently launched on the market, and the SUV Eletre and the electric hyper-sports car Evija clearly show where the journey is heading - and we like to take a closer look.

Read more about the all-electric vision, the new design language and Lotus' model offensive in the interview with Niels de Gruijter, Executive Director Lotus Cars Europe, in ramp #59.

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