Next Gear: Two Years on a Bike

Two tyres, two years and also the second time that Martijn Doolaard covers a decidedly long distance by bicycle: this is how the author and photographer's latest work can be summed up. And that is precisely why it is not only worth reading, but also visually stunning.
Text Wiebke Brauer
Photo gestalten & Martijn Doolaard

Almost twenty thousand kilometers. By bicycle. From Canada to California, through the forests of Mexico, over the Andean passes to Tierra del Fuego. Author Martijn Doolaard covered this distance, riding against the wind, through stinging rain and under a scorching sun. If the title sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because the Dutch photographer previously published a book on his ride from Amsterdam to Singapore. Though that took him only one year to do.

Martijn Doolaard: Two Years on a Bike.

From Vancouver to Patagonia.

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