On his 51st birthday: Elon Musk's best tweets

Tesla CEO, SpaceX founder and visionary: Elon Musk celebrates his 51st birthday today. Some would like to shoot him to Mars for his borderline humor - but we just want to celebrate with him. With his five best tweets. With this in mind: Happy Birthday!
Text Alfred Rzyski
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Flamethrower? Zombies!

In order to realize his tunneling company "The Boring Company" (and thus also his vision of the Hyperloop, a tunnel-based supersonic train), Musk sold flamethrowers. In itself, anything but boring advertising and typical Elon Musk. But then he brought in zombies and said that if the flamethrowers didn't prove themselves in an apocalypse, buyers would get their money back. All right, Elon.

Zombies? Zombies!

Supply and demand are the basic mechanisms of any trade. So after the flamethrower tweet, there was also speculation that Musk was working on a zombie apocalypse. Yes, why not actually? At least Musk felt compelled to deny the whole thing. And he added: for such an apocalypse, you need huge factories anyway. And lo and behold, today Tesla's Gigafactory is in Berlin …

The million-dollar joke

In 2018, Musk flirted with buying Tesla back outright from shareholders. For $420 per share. What was meant as a joke (or maybe not) and a numbers game around cannabis culture (420 is considered a code word for the consumption of the intoxicant) quickly turned into a minor fiasco: Musk was warned off by the Securities and Exchange Commission, had to pay fines in the millions and resign as chairman of Tesla. But it was obviously worth it to him.

The multi-talent

It's well known that Musk has many talents and visions. But in 2020, he also impressed Twitter with his knowledge of German. Sure, it was obvious - but you have to formulate it that neatly: "The baby can't use a spoon yet. He still has to work on his capitalization, but his grammar is correct.

The Rave Cave

Fittingly, we return at this point to the Gigafactory in Berlin - and a tweet from March 2020, in which Musk asked his followers whether the Gigafactory in Berlin should have its own club, or rather a "rave cave" under the building. That a month later the first hard lockdowns came because of Corona? Can surely only be a coincidence, if you think about the flamethrowers. That didn't age well - in contrast to Musk himself.

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