Our Guide to International Book Giving Day

Today is "Give a Book Day" - a good reason to put your smartphone aside and treat yourself or others to some tangible entertainment. Our five book tips with visually stunning volumes, sound science - and a good pinch of Porsche vibes.
Text Alfred Rzyski
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Surf & Stay – 7 Road Trips in Europe

Surfing, photography, food and a love of beautiful design – for her new photographic travel book, Veerle Helsen was able to pursue four of her greatest passions at the same time. Strictly speaking, even five, because the twenty-year-old camper van she drove across Europe is another one. From Cornwall to West Flanders and Tenerife, the Belgian lifestyle journalist went in search of secret surf spots, obscure beach bars and hidden hotels. The result is a collection of photographs that speak of the magic of the sea. “It doesn’t matter how badly you just surfed,” says Veerle Helsen, “you always – okay, nearly always – come out of the sea feeling better. It’s a buddy that never lets you down.”


Michael Köckritz: Summervibes – CAP Moments

The warmth and lightness of the moment. Sun and light, plus an endless blue sky - that's what perfect summer days are like. If there's a Porsche waiting - so much the better! Endless summer feeling. Shooting plans and storyboards from the moment. The result: "Summer Vibes", the printed summer edition. A bookazine like an episodic film. Always in a good mood, relaxed, sometimes high-spirited, sometimes wild. The narrative tempo adapts to the characters, Porsche inspires, the heroes set the pace. Sometimes even the car. The joy of images and stories is set throughout anyway - and on more than 400 pages.


Aline Coquelle: Polo Heritage

Polo ponies are a mix of “Ferrari and ballet dancer”, as French photographer Aline Coquelle so aptly says. For her illustrated book Polo Heritage, Coquelle visited the world’s most prestigious tournaments, traveled to Mongolia and Mexico, to Barbados and Pakistan, and captured everything from the high society of British polo to Argentinian polo culture in a series of captivating images. The introduction was written by the famous Argentinian polo player Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras.


Antonio Zadra & Robert Stickgold: When Brains Dream

Why do we dream? Antonio Zadra, professor of psychology at the University of Montreal, and psychiatrist Robert Stickgold from Harvard Medical School, offer us some interesting new answers to this question. In their book, the two researchers present a new theory of dreams according to which our nocturnal fantasies serve to anchor recent experiences and knowledge in our long-term memory. This process requires the brain to enter a state of maximum creativity in which even the most nonsensical ideas are allowed. In short: a book to remember.


Antonio Zadra and Robert Stickgold: When Brains Dream: Exploring the Science and Mystery of Sleep. Norton & Company. 17,99 Euro

Michael Köckritz: Männersachen.

Men's Manual is a kind of supergroup: ramp and teNeues throw together their concentrated expertise in lifestyle. And bring out a best of from 20 issues of rampstyle. With selected texts and pictures, loving graphics and illustrations, useful and useless knowledge as well as a wealth of quotes and gadgets, it is a timelessly stimulating and entertaining smorgasbord. Casually relaxed, tongue-in-cheek, good-humoured, eloquent, not always politically correct, but always courageous, adventurous and surprising. A book for real men, wild guys and cool boys.


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