Our tip for Father's Day: build a tree house.

What are 60 hours of work and a few calluses on the hands measured against what such a tree house has to offer in the long term. Apart from the possibility of retreat and eager, eager, wild positional battles with the neighboring children, such a (construction) project welds us together as a team. Forever. So get to work and get started. But please, step by step.
Text Alexander Morath
Photo Tim Möller-Kaya & unsplash

Wer Abenteuer sagt, muss auch Baumhaus sagen: Wir verraten Ihnen, wie's richtig geht.


  • Attach square frame of pine slats for the floor to the tree trunk.
  • Fasten the frame not with nails, but with large (10 mm x 100 mm) key screws.
  • Stabilize the frame by attaching beams; screw the beams tightly.
  • Fill the frame of the floor with profiled pine boards and screw them.

Side walls

  • Make four rectangular frames with a height of about 1.75 meters from squared timber on the ground.
  • Optionally, attach longitudinal braces to the frame, to which a cladding of profiled boards can later be attached.
  • Transport the finished frames to the tree in pairs and with the help of a rope and screw them to the floor.


  • Die Ecken der Seitenwände mithilfe von Dachbalken mit dem Baumstamm verbinden (siehe Bild 6); dabei mit der Wasserwaage überprüfen, ob alle Dachbalken dieselbe Neigung haben.

  • Zusätzlich in der Mitte der Seitenwände Dachbalken anbringen; diese ebenfalls mit dem Baumstamm verbinden.

  • Die Dachbalken mit Kunststoffplane überziehen und diese festnageln, um so das Baumhausinnere vor Wasser abzudichten.

  • Darauf die Profilbretter anbringen.


  • Planning is half the battle: Therefore, before building the tree house, make a sketch, taking into account that a tree is never uniformly round and has many crooked branches.
  • The tree should have a minimum circumference of 30 centimeters.
  • Ash, beech and oak are particularly stable and durable.
  • To get the slats and timbers up the tree, it is best to use a rope hoist by throwing a thick rope about ten meters long over a higher branch.
  • It is best to use boards that have been treated against moisture, thus protecting the tree house from the effects of wetness.

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