Out now: rampstyle #21 – Sex, Art & Chocolate

The inspiration for this title? Came from the bookshelf again. Again from the book with the title "Sex and Art and Chocolate". And because cars are not everything in life, we simply took the title for rampstyle #21.
Text Michael Köckritz
Photo Richard Corkery

Immanuel Kant would not have bought this issue of rampstyle. In Kantian ethics, man is bound by duty, and it is irrelevant whether he is happy or not. A nasty trap – and deeply entrenched in our culture to this day. Unfortunately, we usually don’t realize it – and so we celebrate security and efficiency as supreme goods. But that was it with the partying. The important thing, according to the combative Austrian philosopher Robert Pfaller, is that we are not constantly afraid of death. What we should fear instead is living a bad life.

Life must be lived, not thought. It’s not the “why” that counts, it’s the “what for”. In other words: we should be asking ourselves what life is worth living for. The best way is to open ourselves up to and enjoy the latest insights on the subject from the perspectives of psychology, philosophy and evolutionary theory. Sex, food, art, joy and fun – and how pleasure works in general. Inspired by a book by Canadian American psychologist Paul Bloom. The result is a publication about pleasure and joie de vivre

Because we felt it would make us happy.

Exclusive: fashion shoot and interview with Till Brönner

Till Brönner found unusually clear words to express his concern for the state of culture in Germany. Appropriately, the fashion shoot with the jazz musician took place in the empty Renaissance Theater in Berlin. But we didn’t just ask the forty-nine-year-old trumpeter about the value of art; we also wanted to know more about his new album, good music and his work as a photographer.

Women and hotel rooms

It took J. Konrad Schmidt about ten years to complete his photo book that, despite first appearances, shows more than just women in hotel rooms in Berlin, Paris or London; it depicts a small community that lives eroticism and sensuality in a world that is far removed from the daily routine which characterizes most people’s lives. We spoke with the photographer about his love of experimentation, trust, an inhibited society and the women who made HÔTEL NOIR what it is.

Pain, pleasure – and triathlete Sebastian Kienle

Sebastian Kienle has won the Ironman Frankfurt three times, took first place at the Ironman Hawaii in 2014 and finished third there last year. He competes against the best, against himself, constantly at his own mental and physical limits. Or beyond them. Not to mention a brutal training regime that determines his life. Which leaves the question as to why he would do that to himself.

An interview with philosopher Robert Pfaller

Austrian philosopher Robert Pfaller has been called “the hedonist philosopher” because he believes in the good life and openly laments today’s prescriptive society. His latest book, titled Die blitzenden Waffen [Flashing Weapons], is about the power of form. The moment we saw it, we wanted to ask him about it. And not just because there’s an Alfa Romeo on the cover.

Head of design Michael Mauer and the secret Porsche designs

“Porsche Unseen” is a compilation of previously unpublished design studies from the years 2005 to 2019 – which we also have the pleasure of showing. We spoke to Michael Mauer, Porsche’s head of design, about the project. More precisely, about how “happy accidents” keep happening to him in his meanderings between imagination and reality. Fortunately for us.

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