Porsche 911 GT3: The emperors new clothes

The Porsche 911 GT3 comes in a new guise - and is even sportier than before. And that means the reverse: Walter Röhrl runs the risk of wearing more than just a helmet in the future. Why? Because the new top 911 now even cracks the seven-minute mark.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Porsche

He's one of the few Walter Röhrl does it for: Putting on a helmet on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Why? Because since his inception in 1999, the 911 GT3 has always been under the legends »helmet-mark« of eight minutes. The latest incarnation for sure is no exception. 510 horsepower meet only 1418 kilogramms of weight and accelerate the athlete in only 3.4 seconds. Refined aerodynamics in the front and a newly introduced swan neck spoiler do not only guarantee for exceptional performance, but also cite the lines of the very first GT3.

On the Nürburgring Nordschleife it is more than 17 seconds faster compared to his predecessor.

Speaking of heritage: in the back of the ring master everything stays the same, aside the additional 10 hp. Means: a naturally aspirated flat six that screams like (green) hell. Basically, it’s the same powerplant like in the new GT3 cup car, that already broke cover. In the end, it’s not surprising at all that the new kid on the ring only needs 6:59,927 minutes to tackle the infamous race track. One thing ain’t sure though: With a time under seven minutes, will Walter now wear a racing suit?

Porsche 911 GT3 (992)
Engine: Sechszylinder-Boxer-Saugmotor
Displacement: 3.996 ccm
Power: 510 PS (427 kW) bei 8.400 U/min
Torque: 470 Nm bei 6.100 U/min
0–100 km/h: 3,4 s
Vmax: 318 km/h
Price: 167.518 Euro

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