Porsche ORIGINALE: Precision meets emotion

Not all catalogs are the same. For example, »ORIGINALE: Teile, Typen, Technik«. Actually a reference work for spare parts for historic Porsche sports cars, this high-quality volume provides many stories and backgrounds from the world of Porsche Classic-with the active participation of ramp.space.
Text Bernd Haase & Marko Knab
Photo Marko Knab · ramp.pictures

There is no substitute for genuine passion for one's own work. It doesn't matter whether it's about wrenching on one's own classic car - or the creative craft with keyboard and camera. In the end, it's enthusiasm combined with the right tools that counts. And to ensure that spare parts are not an issue, at least in the Porsche garage, there is »ORIGINALE: Teile, Typen, Technik«. In the process, the magalog summarizes all newly released original parts from Porsche Classic, while also telling the stories of the most important products, taking a look behind the scenes, and casting a glance at what's going on in the worldwide Porsche community. In short: Precision and quality meet emotion and passion.

The eighth issue of the Magalog is out today. It is the second edition in which ramp.space, as a creative agency with its expertise in creative storytelling, worked closely with Porsche Classic to stage the world of original parts in words and pictures. We don't even want make that big a deal of it here. But there is one thing that really pleases us: the verdict of the jury of the BCM Award - which, according to its own statement, is » the largest competition for content-driven communication in Europe.« It states: »Is this really a spare parts catalog? Every part has its story, lives! Great photography, great art work, texts that are a pleasure to read. Optimal fit for brand and target group.«

We'll just leave it at that and browse through the issue with you for a bit. For those who want to hold the volume in their hands themselves: ORIGINALE is available exclusively from Porsche. Simply stop by your local Porsche Center or Porsche Classic Partner and ask for it.

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