Porsche party in L.A.: the Cayman as GT4 RS and GT4 RS Clubsport

Porsche is celebrating no fewer than five world premieres in the run-up to the L.A. Auto Show - and presents the GTS versions of the Taycan and Taycan Sport Turismo as well as the Panamera "Platinum Edition." The spotlight, however, is on two upgraded offshoots of the 718 series. Let us introduce them: The Cayman GT4 RS and GT4 RS Clubsport.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Porsche

A wing-fest in the City of Angels: with the Cayman GT4 RS and GT4 RS Clubsport, Porsche has brought the 718 series to a new level. With the tried-and-tested mid-engine layout and some remarkable refinements in terms of powertrain and aerodynamics: the four-liter naturally aspirated engine we k ow from the 911 GT3 line now powers the RS, which has been tuned to 500 hp. This is also perhaps the most striking exterior feature of the two GT4s - instead of two small discs, there are now intake manifolds behind the doors that channel the air through the passenger compartment and directly to the engine. Another improvement besides the 80 hp more power compared to the ordinary GT4? An intake noise that further refines the soundscape in the Cayman and makes it more dramatic.

Zuffenhausen is also stepping up its game both aerodynamically and mechanically: A completely redesigned front splitter meets a gooseneck rear wing, along with a redesigned and adjustable suspension with weight-saving exposed carbon. These innovations - also in conjunction with the optional Weissach package - help the GT4 RS to a time of 7:09.300 minutes on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Compared to the standard GT4, this means a time gain of a good 23 seconds. In the future, the Clubsport offshoot will also be racing on said Nordschleife in various series and races. Even more uncompromising and with specific components for racing, it is intended to build on the successes of its predecessor.

For the more pragmatically inclined among the sports drivers, however, Porsche is also offering options as part of its pre-launch at the L.A. Autoshow: For example, the particularly elegant Panamera in the "Platinum Edition"-or the Taycan station wagon called Sport Turismo, now stripped of all of its off-road elements. The GTS version is available, of course, as is the familiar sedan version in the same equipment line.

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