ramp #53 - Paradise Is Half as Nice

Let's focus on the positive, the joy of life, the desire to shape things. Suddenly the world is ours, the future anyway. Just like back then, at the end of the 60s and beginning of the 70s. A magazine that revives the spirit of those years and at the same time translates it into the present day.
Text Michael Köckritz
Photo ramp.pictures

Who needs Paradise? Heaven on earth is so much more fun. More tangible, more accessible, above all more doable. It’s up to us. We see what we expect to see. Optimism and good cheer become a matter of attitude. So we focus on the positive things, lust for life, desire to create. Suddenly the world belongs to us, and the future as well.

Just like it was back in the late sixties and early seventies. The will to change the world. For a better tomorrow. The spirit of the time was infused with an optimism about the future. People’s hopes and dreams were inspired by a fundamental trust in the world and in the functioning of man-made technologies and systems. Everywhere you turned, there was a bright horizon of wondrous opportunities. Everything seemed possible. And with a little courage, combined with a rebellious glee, it became possible. The world gave us Apple, Microsoft and computer games, the Concorde and the moon landing, miniskirts. Cars like the Lamborghini Miura and the Countach served as a delightful encore.

Our latest issue of ramp brings this late-sixties spirit back to life, translating it into the present. Always asking “Why?” and searching for the real meaning of things. Open, colorful, full of life. Spring and summer are beckoning, sun and warmth and sky-blue days. Our cars, motorbikes and bicycles await, we are curious, our senses on the alert.

Here’s wishing you lots of reading enjoyment with ramp#53!

ramp #53

Paradise is Half as Nice

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In the eye of the Taycan.
The Taycan is now available not with two engines, but with one - and it's in the rear. What does that tell us? Apart from the element of originality: This is pure Porsche! The color "Frozen Berry Metallic" is also important, because first impressions always count.

Car Wash with BMW M boss Markus Flasch.
The goal of BMW M GmbH has always been to annoy the established. Because we always liked that kind of thing, we asked Markus Flasch for a car wash. The BMW M boss brought the brand new BMW M5 CS, we the curiosity about the business racer.

Spot landing: SEAT boss Wayne Griffiths in an interview.
In an era when the automotive industry is in flux, a new brand is launched - and it's successful, too. Its name: CUPRA. Its CEO: Wayne Griffiths. We talked to him about performance, style and surprises.

Hildegard Wortmann on advances and the Audi e-tron GT.
Cars are becoming increasingly complex and intelligent. So the brand that has defined its promise by "Vorsprung durch Technik" since 1971 would have to overtake on the right. Where is the lead today? We asked Hildegard Wortmann, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at Audi.

The always different Harley-Davidson
Ever since the movie "Easy Rider" it's been clear that a Harley-Davidson isn't a motorcycle - it's a vision of freedom. It is the manifested vision of freedom. For which you don't even need a road anymore when you get on the brand-new Pan America 1250.

Classic connoisseur Simon Kidston and the Ferrari 375 MM Coupé.
This time our columnist tells the story of a Ferrari 375 MM coupe that had a famous first owner, was sold, stolen and found. No, wrong. Actually, Kidston writes about the soul of the car.

A heavenly Porsche 911 Turbo S for Kurt Molzer.
When we took the McLaren 600LT Spider away from our author Kurt Molzer, he was very sad. That's why we put a Porsche 911 Turbo S in front of his door. In encouraging "racing yellow." That helped quite a bit.

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