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Control-freak decision-makers are going to need nerves of steel. Because the culture of senseless activism is here to stay. “Change” is the mantra of constant transformation, “innovation” the refrain that defines the prevailing imperative.
Text Michael Köckritz
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The visionary is happily galvanized and electrified by both and wants everything of everything, all at once, completely planned out and perfect to boot. A pretty silly strategy.

After all, the future is open precisely because not everything is possible all the time. Instead, new things always emerge from whatever happens to be at the moment. We need to be inspired, eager, open to what is possible, seeing all that is already there. And it is completely irrelevant if the possible becomes possible through coincidence or as the result of an evolved idea. Innovations and novelties develop from the interaction of man and the environment. All you have to do is to trust in the art of combination. Mindful action, not mindless activism.

As in improv theater, what counts is the willingness to take up ideas thrown at you by the audience and to perform them at the right moment. The ability to anticipate, the instinct for good timing. Along with intuition, it’s the moment that matters.

“Carpe diem” is what good old Horace called it more than two thousand years ago.

A Drive in an SL with Bettina Fetzer, Head of Communications and Marketing
Mercedes-Benz AG

A quick coffee and then we’re off with Bettina Fetzer in her 1986 SL. Our destination? Affalterbach. Where the successor to the iconic car has found a new home at AMG. The result: a road movie interview.

The Blue of the F-Type

The journey through Italy begins on a hill and continues on to beaches and villages before finally ending at the sea. A very blue Jaguar F-Type plays a role in the story as well.

Credit: Konstantin Arnold

As Porsche as It Gets

If you’ve got a GT3 with Touring Package in front of you, don’t burn up any precious time. Burn some rubber instead, as our author writes. The rest is best read for yourself. Just one more thing: Walter Röhrl makes an appearance in the story as well.

Time Travel: Kurt Molzer in a
Ferrari 812 Competizione

Our author would have loved to drive the Ferrari 812 Competizione more slowly. To savor the moment. But that just isn’t possible.
Instead, he speeds into the past and races into the future.

Credit: Ferrari

Countach! Countach! Countach! Countach!

The Lamborghini Countach is truly special. And four of them all at once? Absolutely extraordinary! But that’s exactly how many are roaming about the Piedmontese roads on this day. There are few words that can describe something like that. Except maybe for the one. Best exclaimed four times in a row, of course.

Peter Schreyer,
the Visionary Aesthete

When Peter Schreyer left Volkswagen for Kia in 2006, everyone wondered why someone would descend from the heights of car design to join a relatively faceless brand on the other side of the planet. But he couldn’t have done anything better. We take a closer look.

Credit: Matthias Ziegler

Porsche: Road to Le Mans

Together with a team from Porsche Motorsport, Hollywood star Michael Fassbender is busy getting fit for Le Mans – where he plans to measure himself as an amateur driver in the ultimate racing event. We follow the actor on his quest. Definitely worth a read. Not to mention a watch as part of a special Porsche YouTube series.

In the Sandbox with a Ducati Scrambler

With the revival of the Scrambler a few years back, Ducati returned to the essence of motorcycling enthusiasm with a wonderfully authentic two-wheel machine in several variants. So let’s not waste any more time and hit the dirt!

Credit: Ducati

A Car Wash with
AMG CEO Philipp Schiemer

Der Mercedes-AMG SL ist die Neuauflage eines legendären Traumwagens. Waschen kann man ihn trotzdem. Am besten mit Philipp Schiemer, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung Mercedes-AMG. Haben wir dann auch gemacht.

The Wonderful Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale

There’s only one royal blue Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale in the world. We tell its story. And, yes, we also show it from (almost) all its sides.

Credit: Zweimüller Cars

Ice, Ice, Bentley!

It is faster than sound, more comfortable than a palanquin and more maneuverable than expected. But there is one thing it is not: small. Which is why, when driving a Bentley Continental GT Speed in Sicily, you should choose your destination with care. An ice cream parlor, for example, is not such a good idea.

A Motorbike on the Moon

Moscow-based industrial designer Andrew Fabishevskiy designed a bike for cruising the lunar surface. Dresden-based company Hookie built the electric motorcycle, called it Tardigrade – and then it was off to the moon. Well, almost.

Credit: Konrad J. Schmidt

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